So, you’re on a date… and suddenly, you realize that you are seriously in like with the other person. Congratulations! Now comes the tricky part: How do you let this person know he or she floats your boat? Should you whisper some sort of sweet nothing in your date’s ear, get a gift, or just smile a lot and hope he or she just knows how you feel? Well, we’re all for getting you to express yourself, so we’ve asked men and women to reveal things their dates have done or said that made them feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Listen and learn!

Say it with flowers
“The guy brought me a single flower for our first date — not a bouquet, just a single flower. I loved the simplicity, and I thought it was classy.”
— RinnyGirl, San Francisco, CA

Flattery will get you everywhere
“He said ‘you are even more beautiful in person than in your photos.’”
— TravelSue0707, San Francisco, CA
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Absence makes the heart grow fonder
“On our third date, my guy told me that he misses me while I am gone and that he thinks about the next time he will talk to me.”
— Learntofly2006, Seattle-Tacoma, WA

Send a text before the next date
“After our date, the girl I had just seen sent me a text and told me that she just had the most incredible evening ever. I thought that was sweet, considering we really didn’t do much aside from talk.”
— DDColt047, Philadelphia, PA

Have a can-do attitude
“This may sound strange, but my date brought me small gas cans. You see, he was coming over to go out on the lake in my boat that evening. I’d mentioned I’d need help hoisting the five-gallon gas can to add fuel to the boat. When he came over, he brought two 2.5 gallon gas cans, full of gas, for me. Now, those I could manage without help! I thought that was incredibly thoughtful of him, hearing the problem and solving it for me.”
— 11deadeye, Columbia, SC

If it’s nice, say it twice
“She said (twice) that I look much younger than my age (40).”
— Anthony_Xmasbaby, New York, NY

Give a love token with a personalized touch
“The sweetest thing he’s ever done for me occurred on a second date with a gentleman I really liked. He knew that my heritage was Irish and my favorite color was orange, so he brought me the most beautiful orange rose and a hand-written letter in Gaelic. It made my heart melt, and we’ve been together ever since.”
— Tainteddream5882, Kansas City, MO-KS

“He said that he felt like he won the lottery by meeting me.”
— Charliesully, Denver, CO