Looking for clues to what makes a guy tick—and to whether he’s the right match for you? Look no further than how he handles the red-letter day of April 15th. Yes, there’s a lot of romance-minded info you can glean from a frazzled guy rummaging through his sock drawer for his W-2. “You want to see how someone responds to that kind of pressure,” says Jonathan Rich, author of Couple’s Guide to Love and Marriage. “He may well handle his business affairs the same way he handles his love life.”

Some men will dazzle you with their organization. Others may frighten you with a knack for blowing off the big deadline. Either way, April’s cruelty will exaggerate a man’s best or worst qualities. “He’ll revert to primitive survival mode, and everything will be done to the extreme,” says Olivia Mellan, author of Money Harmony: Resolving Money Conflicts in Your Life and Your Relationships. The good news is his actions will reveal tons of useful info about what kind of partner he’ll be.
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The Filed-in-February Guy
This is the fella who’s got his receipts stashed in one of those alphabetical accordion folders, and he always has his return done well before March Madness kicks off. He is Mr. Responsibility incarnate, and you can probably count on him to be a reliable boyfriend (punctual and courteous) and a good guy who plays by the rules in life. Just keep in mind: He’ll undoubtedly want to convert you to his “right” way of doing things. My friend Ann discovered that her boyfriend Howard had this streak as they began to talk about moving in together. Howard offered to help Ann, who’s a pack-rat, clean up all the clutter in her life—and that started with how she kept her receipts. He helped her sort them month by month into clear plastic folders, which they then filed in those old school three-ring binders. While it wasn’t exactly an erotic experience, it gave her huge insight into the man she was going to shack up with. Says Ann, “It showed me that Howard was a responsible guy who’d look after our best interests; someone who could take on a challenge and do it right.”

The I-Need-An-Extension Guy
Unless he’s just had a tumultuous event recently—a real one, like a big move, job change, or break-up—the man who needs an extension may be a dangerous person to have a relationship with. “It could be emotional immaturity,” warns Wall, who says that this knee-jerk rebellious trait can carry over into other facets of his life, including you. “It’s a way of saying that no one can make him do anything.” If the government can’t get him to budge, you’ve got a lot of heavy-lifting to do.

The Let-the-Accountant-Handle-Everything Guy
On the other hand, you should be concerned if you’re involved with the Hail-Mary guy who passes off a shopping bag full of receipts to his accountant and then forgets about it. “This could be someone who’s hurting himself or someone who’s a big delegator,” says Ginita Hall, director of the Web site Wife.org and tax expert at iVIllage.com. Hall warns that this kind of abdication will rear its ugly head in your relationship. “I dated a guy with this M.O., and once we were at a restaurant where no one was taking our order. Finally, he said to me, ‘Why don’t you see if you can make that happen?’” Ask yourself, would you be comfortable with someone who won’t step up to the plate?

The I-Never-Get-A-Refund-Guy
Uh-oh; these are shy filers who are almost innately afraid of money and will declare about $23.38 against their income because they’re afraid of getting audited. In the end, they only cheat themselves—and it’s a sign that you may have a self-sabotaging man who won’t assert himself at crucial moments. “I’ve found these types are timid about authority in any fashion,” says Long-Island based accountant Michael Drogin. Warning: This kind of guy may well be quaking in his boots when he first meets your dad.

The Let-Me-Write-It-Off Guy
Are you dating a guy who pockets your Starbucks receipts so he can claim your cappuccinos as a business expense? He has one oversized sense of entitlement. Says author Mellan, “He probably fears he’ll end up writing a fat check to the I.R.S., so his worst avoidance tendencies are becoming exaggerated.” If he’s trying to squeeze Uncle Sam down to the last penny, then this isn’t the generous, giving soul you were hoping for. But you didn’t need me to tell you that about someone who’s scribbling you down as a “client” on his coffee receipt, now did you?

New York-based writer Craig Offman will indeed have his taxes done on time.