What is the anonymous double-blind email system at Match.com?

At Match.com, privacy and anonymity is always guaranteed. The "double-blind" email system uses our sophisticated re-mailer to send and deliver emails among Match.com subscribers and registered users without ever revealing their identity.

How does it work?

When you email another Match.com user - from a profile or from your own personal registered account - we run your message through our double-blind system to strip away your actual email address and replace it with your unique Username. At the same time, we use the recipient's Username to locate their actual email address, and forward your message on to them with complete anonymity from your Username@TalkMatch.com
(i.e. JohnDoe@TalkMatch.com).

We call it the
"doubleblind" system because you never see the actual email address of the person you're corresponding with, and they never see yours until you both make the decision to reveal this information on your own.