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Ten Unique Date Ideas in Orlando, FL:

There are so many possible date night locations where you can meet single women in Orlando. You can have a fantastic dinner date at local restaurants like K Restaurant, Hotto Potto, or Sushi Katana. It's good to occasionally think out of the box, though -- just keep your date's interests and safety in mind when coming up with a new first date experience. Don't forget to have fun!

10.On a nice day in sunny Florida, you can meet single women in Orlando by enjoying a nature walk or bike ride through the beautiful Ocala National Forest or the Harry P. Leu Gardens.

9.Take advantage of live, and often free, events taking place at many of Orlando's bars, such as live jazz performances at Jazz Tastings or the Wednesday Night Pitcher Show at Enzian Theater.

8.Have a date that's out of this world by stargazing together at the Emil Buehler Perpetual Trust Planetarium at Seminole State College.

7.What's more romantic than a play by Shakespeare? See a show or attend an event at the Orlando Shakespeare Theater. These plays often include epic battles, unique wordplay, and romance!

6.If you're looking to date active local single women in Orlando, you can kayak together in the moonlight with Adventures in Florida!

5.Show off your wine knowledge and attend a wine tasting at The Wine Room in Winter Park.

4.You could always just grab a cup of coffee, tea, or a small dessert. For instance, Infusion Tea offers organic tea options, and Yahala Bakery offers great old-world pastries! Farris and Foster's Chocolate Factory and It's Sugar are great places to satisfy a sweet tooth.

3.Bring a bit of culture to your date by walking through the sculpture gardens of the Albin Polasek Museum.

2.Act like a tourist in your own town by visiting Downtown Disney, the town of Celebration, or Gaylord Palms Resort.

1.Rather than going out to a restaurant to eat, grab a picnic blanket and meet at the Food Truck Bazaar to enjoy gourmet treats from lobster rolls to cupcakes.

Another option to meet single women in person includes Match.com's Stir events. These events are coming to many different locations across the country, so you can expand your dating options beyond local single women in Orlando. You can meet someone special while attending a cooking class, enjoying a mixer, or learning how to dance!

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