What To Talk About On A Date

Listen in as our astrology expert tells you, sign by sign, the best and worst topics to tackle.

by Barrie Dolnick

ou’ve met someone you like and your emails are fabulous—but that’s partly due to the editing, rereading, and being able to delete. How can you make your conversations flow as smoothly, wittily and easily when you’re face to face? Check out your date’s star sign and learn how your words can help your romance take off.

Aries is ruled by the fiery planet Mars, a fearless warrior. They want to be in a relationship but can be (misleadingly) combative in conversation. There’s no point in avoiding arguments—just try to stay on the same side.

Topics that fly: Sports (but not losing teams), the best vacation place in North America, the best deal they ever made.

Topics that crash: Reality TV shows, gardening, and social injustice.

Venus-guided Taurus delights in tactile luxury. Conversation isn’t a sport or a high priority unless it is combined with something really pleasurable—shopping, a good meal, a walk in the country. If you don’t make talking into a big deal, they’ll be much more likely to reply.

Topics that fly: Massage: its pros and cons; asking advice about anything other than weight loss; where they’d invest in real estate if money was no object.

Topics that crash: Diets or your success with weight loss, how you survived a crash or accident (they can be squeamish), controversy regarding religious institutions.

As a Mercury-ruled air sign, Geminis invented conversation. You will have to fight to get a word in edgewise, but when you do, make sure it’s witty and on point. Geminis don’t care for people who can’t keep up with their easy banter.

Topics that fly: Anything derived from an entertainment magazine, an anecdote with a very funny punch line, personal questions.

Topics that crash: Wordy opinions about sports teams, highways, or legislation, your mother, what you got on your SATs.

Intuitive, moon-ruled watery Cancer is not immediately verbal. They are sensitive and moody creatures who will form a quiet opinion about you as you blather on. Remember to engage in a back-and-forth chat rather than a one-sided lecture.

Topics that fly: Families—genetic, ancestral, immediate or distant, wine and beer but not spirits, home team advantage in any sport.

Topics that crash: Intimate personal details, whining about your family, stories about your high school.

Sun-blessed and fiery, Leos are happy to date and relate. They love romance and to be admired and will talk to you as if you are the last living soul on earth—if you interest them. If not, step aside.

Topics that fly: Anything about your Leo’s personal achievements and social contacts, fashion (as long as they can afford it), where the best fun is right now.

Topics that crash: Sober, foot-noted views on developing countries, how early you got up/how far you run/how disciplined you are, how many other people are interested in you.

Masters of the word, Virgos are ruled by Mercury and have a snappy answer to every stupid question ever posed. They are smart and tart, and they can’t suffer fools unless the fool is in need of compassion or help. Better bone up on vocabulary and drink coffee before you meet up.

Topics that fly: Almost anything but especially health, relationships, your pets, and where to get the best food is in town.

Topics that crash: Your collectibles, practical jokes you’ve played, and viruses that affect digestion (they’ll top you and kill any passion in doing so).

Venus-ruled Libra yearns for harmony and partnership. What better conversationalist is there? They adore intelligent, refined people who appreciate art and literature, but you don’t have to be a genius, just not a dunce.

Topics that fly: Movies, vacations, books, magazines, politics (but you’d better know what you’re talking about) and designer fashions.

Topics that crash: Gory or frightening stories with no point, potty humor, loud opinions in small spaces, fiction presented as fact.

Scorpio is an internal, creative, and intense water sign ruled by power planet Pluto. They shy away from risky positions and vulnerable topics, but enjoy a high-spirited discussion punctuated with laughter. Test their deep waters carefully before diving in.

Topics that fly: The latest celebrity scandal, a really good book that is being made into a movie, your optimism in all matters financial.

Topics that crash: Your last breakup, a prolonged debate about whether or not to have a drink, asking about family.

Never at loss for words, adventure-loving Sagittarians are ruled by gusto-loving Jupiter. More is not enough. They are well read, well traveled, and unafraid of their own opinions. Being quick to forgive, you don’t have to worry too much about a major misfire.

Topics that fly: Stories of personal excess in relation to food, drink, and money and how you rose above it. Justice served in a headline case, the places you’d like to explore in the future.

Topics that crash: Anything that is derived from a blog without substantiation, why you did or didn’t go to law school, your latest tattoos.

Distinguished and accomplished, Capricorns are a Saturn-ruled sign and prefer to play it safe. If only conversation could be outlined on an agenda and handed out before a date! In any case, stay away from putting them on the spot.

Topics that fly: Business news, real-estate prices, what’s good about the city you’re in, and how hard work really pays off.

Topics that crash: Pride in getting away with something you haven’t earned, asking what they paid for their outfit, talking about sex drives.

Inventive, thoughtful Aquarians are ruled by the quirky planet Uranus, and holding a good conversation may not be easy, but it’s never dull. They will try to assume control and assert their learned opinion with zest, but you must hold your own or they won’t find you interesting.

Topics that fly: Complicated social issues in the world, your town, or their life, books or magazines you’re ardent about, what fads they hate.

Topics that crash: Your career, cars and traffic, any hobby that requires needles.

Pisceans are sensitive, psychic folks ruled by pleasure-loving Neptune. Discussions and conversations are great as long there is little controversy and no voices being raised. You don’t have to agree but do you have to be agreeable so smile even if you don’t get it.

Topics that fly: pets of any kind, volunteering stories, music, best and worst of just about anything.

Topics that crash: Airplane crashes, filthy jokes, how fun you are with other people.

Astro-coach Barrie Dolnick helps people find love and happiness by understanding their stars and their karmic energy. She is the author of twelve books, including Simple Spells for Success, now in paperback.
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