8 Great Places To Have Sex

A noted sexologist and author shares the best of the best with you.

By Sari Locker, Ph.D.

f your sex life is more hum-drum than hubba-hubba, there is a sure fire way to spice things up. Take the show on the road. According to a survey of more than 40,000 women, 80 percent said they enjoy making love outside the bedroom. In fact, 58 percent preferred sex in the living room, 24 percent outdoors, and 23 percent in a car. Why do these places makes sex special, and which other locations can also please? Let’s take a look.

Location #1: The Couch
If watching a sexy TV show gives you a twitch of desire, don’t bother moving into the
Lots of hot, wet fun can be had in the bathroom.
bedroom. Sex in the living room is thrilling because it is spontaneous. The couch allows for angles for making love while sitting up that may not be as easily achieved in a bed. The only problem with sex in the living room is that it can create some embarrassing moments, as Tricia from White Plains, NY, recounts. “We had made love on the couch, and the next night we had guests over. I had no idea that my lacy panties were still between the cushions, until I saw my friend’s husband sit down on them. Thank goodness he didn’t seem to notice—or at least he pretended not to notice,” Tricia said with relief.

Location #2: Rocking Chair
Adding motion to sex can certainly change the way it feels. “I was sitting in a rocking chair and my guy walked over, and we started having sex right there,” described Jennifer, from Cambridge, MA. “I pushed on the floor with my feet and rocked the chair. It was great!” Rocking during sex can also add a soothing element to the experience. Because rocking chairs are designed to be relaxing, if you and your partner move in it gently while you look into each other’s eyes, then you may feel an even deeper romantic connection during sex.

Location #3: Washing Machine
It’s true that the vibrations from a washing machine can enhance sex—a lot! Jason and Amy, from San Jose, CA, say it can do wonders. “We had a spontaneous sexual experience just because I asked my husband to help me with the wash,” explains Amy. “It was hot to feel the machine shaking while we were doing it on top of it,” Jason added. To get the maximum effect, make love on the machine during its “spin” cycle. The easiest position for most people would be for her to sit on the edge of machine, and him to stand up (perhaps on his toes, depending on his height). Clean never felt so dirty!

Location #4: Bathtub
Lots of hot, wet fun can be had in the bathroom. Mirrors let you see you and your partner in all your glory, plus the steaminess creates a sexy effect. For ultimate romance set the scene with a bubble bath and candles. “When we want to break up the monotony, I’ll ask him to take a bath with me,” says Danielle, from Washington D.C. “We love making love in the tub; although we have to take turns being on top,” she explained, “because the person on top always seems to get cold from being half out of the water.”

Location #5: Kitchen Counter
Sex in the kitchen captivated millions in movies such as 9 1⁄2 Weeks and Fatal Attraction. In reality, the kitchen offers sturdy surfaces for erotic encounters and lots of food that can be used as impromptu sex toys. “I was sitting on the counter while my date started to make dinner for me,” recounted Melinda, from Atlanta, GA. “He asked me
No matter where in the car you do it, just be sure that you’re not driving.
if I wanted to taste the sauce he was making and put his finger in my mouth. That was all the seduction I needed, and we did it right there with me on the counter and him standing in front of me… Delicious!”

Location #6: Hotel Room
Hotels can be the perfect places for exciting sex. “We love vacation sex,” exclaims Julie, from New York, NY. “We have more privacy in a hotel room than we ever get at home, and absolutely no stress.” Other things that couples love about hotel sex: you can enjoy the luxuries of room service, snacks in the mini-bar, and the luxurious bed with all those extra pillows. Whether it’s a lavish Caribbean resort or a quick overnight getaway to your local No Tell Motel, try a hotel to add a thrill to your sex life.

Location # 7: Moonlit Beach
The feel of the wind, the sound of the surf, the rhythm of the pulsating waves, the bright full moon—it’s all very alluring and romantic. But how can you make sure that your sex on the beach doesn’t get too sandy? “Always bring a blanket,” instructs Eric of Orlando, FL. “You need it so you don’t get sand in all the cracks and crevices of your body.” In fact, you may want to bring two blankets: one to put under you, and one to cover yourselves, so you can be discreet. You don’t want your tryst ruined by a public indecency charge!

Location # 8: Parked Car
For some, it’s memories of high school that turn them on to sex in a car. “My high-school boyfriend and I used to have ‘parking’ dates,” remembers Diana, from New York, NY. “The car was the only way we could make out in a private place away from our parents. All these years later, the thought of it still turns me on,” she says. Now that you’re all grown up, you might go further than just making out. One of the best positions for sex in a car is in the passenger seat, with the seat reclined and the woman on top. Being in the driver’s seat can be problematic, since the steering wheel can get in the way. No matter where in the car you do it, just be sure that you’re not driving. Sex in exotic locations should be exciting, but never life-threatening!

Sari Locker, Ph.D., is a sex educator, TV personality, and author of the bestseller, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Amazing Sex. She has an M.S. in sex education and Ph.D. in psychology. Her website is www.
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