40 And Sexy

Some women have all the secrets! Here, one shares her tips for staying hot after you’ve left your 30s far behind.

By Sharon Schroeder

t’s easy to be every man’s fantasy in your 20s or 30s. It doesn’t take much to turn him into mush when you’re the perfect age and shape. It’s not the end of your sexiness now that you’re 40+, even though you might think so. You’re still naturally appealing, interesting, fun, spontaneous, gorgeous and so much more. It’s time for a fresh approach, that’s all. Feel sexy again in no time with this 8 step makeover:

Define sexy on your own terms
Don’t keep reliving the past. Men followed your scent then. You had to beat them off with a stick. You passed up so many opportunities. Get over it. Enjoy life to the fullest and allow yourself the freedom to be sexy.
Allow yourself the freedom to be sexy.
Don’t hold back or sell yourself short. Rediscover what worked for you a few years ago and then give it a now-twist. It’s corny, but true, when you define your own “come hither” qualities—he’s so much putty.

Nurture the whole you
Nurture your mind, body and soul and all good things follow. That means diet, exercise, spirit, live the moment, love wholeheartedly, learn, do, volunteer—well, you get the idea.

Be feminine
I know what you’re thinking—“all women, take a giant step back.” Not so say the majority of guys. He’ll find you ultra-sexy when you use what comes naturally—your femininity.

Take some chances
He’s fascinating and charming. You want him, but you think he’s out of your league. Think again. Don’t let him get away just because your confidence is a little shaky. Go out on a limb—it’s where the fun is.

Dress the part
Dress your age is what the experts say. Don’t listen. Have you
Don’t let him get away just because your confidence is a little shaky.
become overly conservative or, egads, even frumpy? Shop at a trendy boutique. Spend some time trying daring, stylish, regal and wild on for size. And then wow him with outstanding, from head to toe.

Humor him
Don’t take yourself too seriously. It adds wrinkles and little else. Go with the flow. Laugh with gusto and love madly.

Keep him guessing
Be provocative, extreme, glamorous, sleek, mysterious, open, adventurous, vulnerable, country, classy—whatever the mood dictates. You’ll be on his mind constantly as he wonders what you have up your sleeve next. It’s a great way to get under his skin and in his life, permanently.

Hang on his every word
Listen closely when he tells you about his hopes and dreams, if you want to be part of his future plans, that is. You’re the ultimate sexy thing when you take the time and effort to discover what makes him tick.

Doesn’t the new sexy you deserve the best? Seize the moment with an online tête-à-tête. You’re bound to find just the right guy who absolutely adores unforgettable you. Together, you’re magic.

Sharon Schroeder is a freelance writer living in Florida.
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