Is He Hiding Something?

What secrets lurk behind his cool facade? Is he hiding something for his benefit… or yours? Put your fears aside and get your pen and paper ready.

By Dee Anne Stiles

oday you’ll learn the ten biggest secrets guys don’t want you to know—at least not in the early stages of dating, not until they have a chance to sweep you off your feet. They don’t want you to know about their:

Hidden insecurities
Underneath that smooth, macho demeanor, he’s really nervous about dating.
He’s a closet smoker—but he’s quitting!
He even had his sister help him write his profile.

Physical prowess
Sure, we all want to come across in the best light—especially in the initial phase of physical attraction. But what he didn’t explain in his profile is that he… is going bald, has a bit of a beer belly, may be an inch or two shorter than he described, dyes the gray hair and uses wrinkle cream.

Bad habits
He picks his nose when no one is looking. He chews tobacco. He often gets soused at parties. His messy house would make Martha cringe, especially if she had to use the bathroom. He’s a closet smoker—but he’s quitting! He gambled his dog away at the poker game with the boys. He farts in bed.

He’s been divorced four times, but the first two didn’t count. He’s not quite divorced yet. He’s still hung up on his past love. He harbors extreme contempt for his ex. He’d really like to play the field for a while. Fortunately his search led him to you!

Money matters
He’s taking a class now to avoid future money management faux pas. His
He will most likely step on your feet on the dance floor.
401k is far from okay. He had a bad lawyer, and his child support payments just went up. While he makes over $100,000 a year, he can’t help spending $150,000 a year, and he’s become best buds with the IRS guy.

This may be a tough topic if he’s in between jobs (highly likely in today’s economy) or a hairdresser who needs to meet you in person to let you know he’s straight. It could be a red flag if he used to be a manager at Enron or Arthur Andersen, a city engineer in waste management or an employee at his mother’s firm (a.k.a. the kitchen sink).

He’s a klutz when it comes to home repairs. He will most likely step on your feet on the dance floor. He’s a dipstick when it comes to changing oil in the car. His last girlfriend beat him at pool and chess. He has trouble “raising the Titanic” at times.

Health challenges
He snores. He has chronic bad breath or body odor, but the doctor is working on it. Don’t laugh, but he has to sleep in an allergy tent some nights.

Free time avocations
He’s a closet sports nut who listens to the sports radio at night and spends all weekend watching sports on TV or going to play golf.

The smaller things that can be biggies
He hates cats. He drives an old clunker (because he gave his car to his daughter, of course). He sleeps with a “special” blanket. His kitchen is color-coded with a computer list, and the canned goods all face front and center. He lives with his mother.

Dee Anne Stiles is a freelance writer who frequently contributes to Happen magazine.
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