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Do you feel like your conversations are falling flat or your sparkle has dimmed? If you’re out of practice at flirting, don’t fret: We’ll show you how to turn on the charm!

By Dee Anne Stiles

ou can see it in the alluring light of his eyes. You can feel it in her radiating smile. It’s more than the mere conversation of two people meeting. It’s the body’s electric love signals — most commonly referred to as flirting.

Flirting is dating’s green-light communication cue that says to the other
Be sincere, enthusiastic and personal.
person, I really like you. I’m attracted to you. You hit my hot button. Let’s boogie on down the dating path.

Whether on computer screens or with in-person meetings, flirting is the heart’s playground to attract the right love matches. Here are eight secrets to the art of flirting:

Captivate with your eyes
Get and keep eye contact with the other person. Do more than just the regular eye-to-eye connection we have when talking with someone. Really look and gaze at them with captivating eyes that sexily say, Please come closer. You’re special. Let’s get to know each other.

Smile magnetically
A big, sexy smile radiates confidence and draws people magnetically to you. It puts your flirtee at ease and safely invites him or her to talk with you. A magnetic smile is the honey that draws the bees — friends and beaus — to your growing social circle.

Invite open conversation
There’s nothing like a warm, genuine invitation to talk openly. The secret to talk-flirting is genuine interest, back-and-forth communication and a lighthearted, almost whimsical tone. Ask about his or her greatest success or source of pride in life, and find out what’s really important to that person.

Sincerely compliment
Compliments are the sweet talk of flirting. Be sincere, enthusiastic and personal. If the situation warrants, guys, you can tell her how beautiful she is — inside and out — and gallantly kiss her hand. Try giving a flat-out sincere compliment about anything. A real compliment, however small, beats out flattery every time. Don’t rely on stereotypes about what women and men like to hear.

Use body language
Most communication is nonverbal, or body language. Here are some of flirting’s secret body moves: The simple touch, leaning in toward the other person,
Let the power of attraction inspire your wit and personality...
tilting your head with interest, winking, sipping your drink, being in-sync with the other person’s moves, and twirling things like straws, pens or even your hair.

Show your interest
Act as if he or she were the most important person in your world and nothing else matters at the moment. “There is nothing sexier or more complimentary than someone who flirts with me — who’s entranced with me — and who thinks I hung the moon,” said Mark, a chemical engineer in Houston.

Get your wit going
Relax, remember a confidence-building smash-hit date, flip on your crazy switch, and get into your fun and witty groove. Open up and tell a joke or share a funny story. Keep it in good taste. Encourage clever banter, and let the power of attraction inspire your wit and personality to open up, charm, laugh and have the magical fun of flirting.

Glow with excitement
They say the chemistry sparks may fly when two well-matched people meet, especially when they turn out to be soul mates. “When we’re flirting, there’s just a special glow that radiates from your smile, your eyes and your whole aura. It’s as if you almost glow red with the hot rush of flirting,” said Sherrie, a decorator in Miami.

Dee Anne Stiles is a freelance writer.
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