Single Dad Dating Confessions

How can a teething toddler change the course of dad's new love life? Let me count the ways!

By Tom Milnes

uccess in dating is all about pursuing every opportunity—and for single fathers nothing holds more possibilities than their children. But how can a teething toddler change the course of a dad’s new love life?

Oh, let me count the ways.

Out of the mouths of babes””
“Although the joy I felt at the moment of my daughter Gina’s first words could never be repeated, I was not about to deny
“She was actually one of my neighbors and had had a crush on me ever since my daughter was in diapers.”
Christina—a regular at a nearby park we frequent. Christina had often stopped and chatted with me as I walked and played with Gina on the grass. It just so happened on our last meeting that Gina decided to blurt out ‘Da-da.’ Of course, I had actually heard her say it before but Christina was flabbergasted, especially when Gina’s next trick was to mouth a well-practiced ‘cri-tee-na.’ Sure it wasn’t exactly spontaneous but I’ll wait a few years before I tell her that.”
— Ian, 32

“When my son was in the sixth grade I hesitantly sat in as coach of his little league team. I figured it couldn’t be too hard and I’d get to share in a part of his life I was missing out on. Well, it was hard and only through the organizational and fund raising skills of Jan, the lovely mother of our shortstop, was I able to keep us out of last place and in clean uniforms. Today, five years later our boys are playing on the same high school team and Jan and I are both divorced. Win or lose we are both there in the stands and since the boys can now drive themselves home we are free to do some playing of our own.”
—Doug, 41

Chick magnet””
“Diane was an absolute knockout that I initially placed well out of my league. The only way I could approach her was with my son Rudy in tow, and
She knew all about my daughter and had a secret of her own.
it seemed to work. After both fawning over him we exchanged numbers and set up a date. It was only coffee but enough to get me laying out Rudy’s Sunday best for round two. The only problem was that Diane was looking for a man, not a chick magnet and let me know as much before walking out the café door.”
—Mario, 36

Be honest””
“My brother set me up on a blind date with Chantal last week. He said he knew we would get along and was right. We clicked immediately, talking and dancing all night as if we had known each other for years. Then, a few days later while with my young daughter, I ran into Chantal at the market. I had not mentioned my daughter to her on our date so I lied and told her she was my niece. Smiling ear to ear, she said there was no need to lie. She knew all about my daughter and had a secret of her own. She was actually one of my neighbors and had had a crush on me ever since my daughter was in diapers.”
—Aric, 29

Time to break it off””
“My working relationship with Anne had crossed the line of professionalism several times since my divorce but things really began falling apart when she insisted on attending a birthday party for my teenage daughter Stephanie. Fueled by too much wine, the endless series of PDAs she unleashed in front of Stephanie was enough to convince me that it was time to break it off. And judging by the hell Stephanie raised, it was enough for her never to want to see Anne again. It was the perfect excuse and one that I used as soon as the evening ended.”
—Ted, 45

Tom Milnes is a freelance writer who contributes to Happen magazine.
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