5 Lines Guys Should Avoid

Ever wondered which lines work the best? How about these 5 lines guys should avoid?

By Tom Milnes

eeting a woman for the first time is the ultimate romantic opportunity for guys. At no other time is the right or wrong word more likely to turn us from lucky to loser.

Should you be open or play it quiet and shy? Impress her with your wit or let her do all the talking? In the end, an effective line is all in what you say and how you say it. Here are a few to rule out:

1. “You remind me of someone I know.”
Cliché? You betcha—and right up there with “What’s your sign?” But for some reason, this line refuses to die. She could remind you of your mother or a serial killer you saw on TV, for all she knows. Do your little part in retiring these two lame lines and promise to never, ever use them again.

2. “Your place or mine?”
Another classic always ready to appear out of thin air, this one could actually take you places—but remember to look before you leap. Make sure that she shares your interest before leading with this trite tidbit.

3. “That’s great, but can we talk about me now?”
Famous last words of the man who can’t get a word in edgewise, they are also interchangeable with, “If you didn’t drive, then make sure you have cab fare home.”
In the end, an effective line is all in what you say and how you say it.
Guaranteed to get you slapped in the face and stuck with the bill.

4. “You gonna eat that?”
One way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but if you resort to this line, your brain must have been left out of the equation entirely. Keep your hands to yourself and off her plate, else the only thing you’ll take home is a doggie bag.

5. “Check, please.”
An old standby that can help out in any situation, this one is always on the tip of man’s tongue when out courting his sweetie. Whether as merciful punctuation to a bad date gone far too long or the beginning of a night to remember, seeing to it that the bill gets to your table as soon as possible gets you moving quickly—no matter your destination.

Tom Milnes is a free lance writer who has contributed to Happen magazine.
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