5 Ways To Get In A Lovin’ Mood

Ready for a romantic evening? Try our easy-to-remember tips for setting the mood and heightening expectations.

By Tracie Forman Hines

re you ready to plan a romantic evening with the object of your affection? Whether this is your first candlelight dinner with that special someone or you’re celebrating a dating milestone, here are few easy but not over-the-top things you can do to set the mood for love.

Lights, music and romance
Everyone looks better — and feels less self-conscious — with romantic lighting. Turn off those
Scent plays an important role in attraction.
fluorescent bulbs and light some candles, or replace your regular bulb with a yellow one to create some soft mood lighting. White holiday lights strung up on the terrace or in the bedroom create a very special setting, whatever season you use them. Keep the music low enough so you can talk to your partner (maybe even whisper sweet nothings!). If you’re going out, choose a place with low lighting, good food, instrumental or jazz music and a relatively quiet atmosphere conducive to romantic conversation.

The sweet smell of success
Scent plays an important role in attraction. That doesn’t mean you should douse yourself in cologne or aftershave, though. Subtlety is key. You want your partner to be able to catch a whiff of something good when he or she gets close, but don’t put on so much of your favorite scent that people can smell it from across the room. If you don’t want to take a chance with cologne, place some scented candles around the room. Just make sure they are the same or complementary scents — “home-baked cookies” and “rainwater” might not mix.

Foods for love
Eating can be an erotic experience. Stick to food that smells good, looks good and won’t spill down you or your date’s outfit with every bite. A simple cheese, fruit and cracker plate (alongside a good bottle of wine or a festive sparkling cider) is all you really need for a romantic snack. Just don’t drink so much that you or your partner end up drunk — there is nothing romantic about throwing up, passing out or even acting sloppy when you want to act your best.

Down-home romance
If you plan to end up at your home, make sure it looks and smells clean. Flowers and aromatic
Body language does so much to set the mood for an evening.
candles are a plus; dirty underwear on the floor (or the doorknob) is a definite minus. Your home doesn’t have to be spotless, but it should be neat enough that your date spends his or her time noticing your gorgeous smile, not the caked-on grease on the stove.

That personal touch
Body language does so much to set the mood for an evening. If you’re out on a date, make lots of eye contact, hold hands, or if you’re a man, put your arm around your girl while you’re walking. Do NOT get passionately carried away or try to cop a feel in public — it’s in bad taste and besides, unless creating an X-rated spectacle is your thing, it can give your date a very different impression than you want to create. You’re going for romance here, not soft-core porn — at least in public.

And don’t forget the power of a compliment! If you love your companion’s smile or sense of humor, don’t be afraid to say so. You’ll score some major points for being so insightful.

Tracie Forman Hines is a freelance writer who contributes to Happen.

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