Tips To Be Sensual On The First Date

Follow these steps for really connecting with her, and soon, you’ll be off to a great start on building a new relationship.

by Michael Tresser

ou’re going out on your first date with a woman you met that you really like. Your palms are sweaty and you’re really excited about the prospects. Somewhere in the back (or closer to the front) of your mind is: How far should you go on the first date?

It’s an age-old question: If there is chemistry you want her to know you’re interested. But you don’t want to come across as too forward
There’s nothing more sensual than having a great conversation with someone.
on the first date. If she thinks you’re interested in sex more than you are in her, there may not be a second date. The old Neanderthal caveman routine doesn’t really work these days.

Many men think that if they can’t be sexual with a woman you might as well treat them like one of your buddies, jabbing them in the arm and getting them in a headlock. Sensuality is the art of being seductive and sexual without the sex. It is a great, safe and steamy way to let your date know you are attracted to her, but also let her know that you know it takes time to take that next step. Here are three ways to be sensual on the fist date:

The light touch
At dinner, hold her hand across the table. Lightly run your fingers up and down her hand and up her arm. It’s a very intimate way to connect with someone. If you are getting positive feedback, hold hands the rest of the night. Lightly brushing your arm against hers as you walk can also be a very sensual feeling.

The eyes have it
There’s nothing more sensual than having a great conversation with someone. It’s even better when you are both looking intently right into each other’s eyes. That connection is intense and brings the two of you together in a very intimate way. It’s very easy to get distracted in a public place. Resist the urge to look at everyone who walks in the door, the waitresses, other tables. Concentrate on your date. Let her know that according to you, she is the only one in the place.

Let her in
Let someone really get to know who you are — warts and all. Now you shouldn’t go into details about all your exes or other people you may be dating on your first date. Not a good move. But telling her what your long-term goals are, what makes you happy, sad, what you dream about all are ways to develop an intense connection. And don’t forget to ask her about her likes and dislikes. It’s important to keep the conversation going both ways.

If you follow these steps and really connect with her, you are off to a great start on a new relationship. Sometimes the small moments and gestures, like a foot massage or holding hands at a movie, make a much bigger and more lasting impression.

Michael Tresser is a freelance writer who contributes to Happen.

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