“My Kids Found Me Love”

Pssst: If you’re a single parent, your children can help you meet someone special. Here’s how.

By Chelsea Kaplan

ure, it’s tough to be a single parent who’s ready to date again. And while you might think that kids — with their constant needs and insane schedules — would hinder a new relationship, it’s often children who help ignite love. Just ask these people whose little ones unknowingly played Cupid.

Hitting a home run
““I was probably at my 800th little league game, only this time, without my husband, who was newly my ex-husband. Seated next to me was Chip, an extremely cute single dad whose son was playing for the
“I met her when I was shopping for a birthday gift for my daughter.”
opposing team. Despite our adversarial fandom, we ended up chatting and hitting it off. We exchanged numbers, and soon, met up in a non-ball field locale and had a great time! We’re still dating, and it’s looking like this one may go out of the park, so to speak!”
— Jill Kashun, 43, Bloomfield Hills, MI

Hot for teacher
“My fiancée Kris was actually my son’s kindergarten teacher! I couldn’t help but find her attractive on his first day of school, but I never considered asking her out until the school year was over; not only did I think it was inappropriate, but I was also concerned she’d be freaked out by a divorced dad hitting on her! The day after school let out for the summer, I called her, offering to take her to lunch as thanks for being such a great teacher. Eventually, we began seeing each other exclusively, and the rest, as they say, is history!”
— Mike Lowell, 38, Easton, PA

Care to go for a stroll?
“While shopping for a jogging stroller for my kids, I needed a price check on an unmarked item. The salesperson called the store manager, who absolutely took my breath away — he was so good-looking! I don’t even remember the price — I would have paid a thousand dollars for it, just to keep talking to him. He ended up giving me a discount, and after I thanked him profusely for his help, he gave me his card. I called him about a week later, asked him out, and we’ve been dating for a few months now. The great thing is that I like the stroller as much as I like him!”
— Traci Saxton, 33, Germantown, MD

Getting along swimmingly
“My wife and I got divorced when my daughter was six months old, but we were amicable enough to share custody. I signed up to take a swimming class with the baby, and there was one single mom in the group (the rest were couples), so we gravitated towards each other, and soon became friends. We began meeting up with the kids after the class was over, and always had a great time together. One afternoon, I just went for it and kissed her, and she kissed back! I’m pretty glad I signed up for that class—we’ve been together ever since.”
— Eric Farrington, 37, Oakland, CA

“After my divorce, my husband moved to another state. I felt like my son needed to be around some positive male role models, so I signed him up for a
I just went for it and kissed her.
junior football team in my town. The coaches were all great with the boys, but one of them, Brian, was especially sweet, not to mention easy on the eyes. At the end-of-the-season party, we ended up talking and found out that we had a lot in common. He asked me out, and after a few dates we realized we really liked each other. We’ve been together for about a year now.”
— Bonnie Kirklan, 36, Fort Worth, TX

Shopping for love
“I was shopping for a birthday gift for my daughter at Nordstrom and had absolutely no idea how to navigate the preteen girls department. A woman who was also shopping in the department at the time must have noticed my distress and came over to help. She was so charming and funny that I asked her if she’d like to join me for a cup of coffee after shopping. She agreed, and we ended up spending the rest of the afternoon together. I’ve been on a few dates with her since, and each is more enjoyable. As a side note, my daughter loved what my date picked out for her.”
— Bob McWilliams, 44, Colorado Springs, CO

Artsy hearts-y
“My daughter’s art project was featured at a local museum, and there was a reception for all the kids and parents. A local, fairly celebrated artist was in attendance to present certificates to the kids. At the end of the evening, the artist came up to my daughter and remarked how much he loved her painting, and I was instantly smitten. My daughter couldn’t have cared less who he was, but he and I began discussing art, and then about every other topic on Earth. We were the last people to leave the place. I did finally go home, but not until after we exchanged email addresses. He contacted me soon after that, and we ended up dating!”
— Jeanine Eagleton, 39, Columbus, OH

Setting sights on the sitter
“This sounds like a creepy cliché, but I began dating my kids’ babysitter. I have custody of my kids, and during one tax season — I’m an accountant — I needed some extra help taking care of them. A friend said that her sister Pam could help me out. Pam wasn’t a teenager—she was only a few years younger than me. When she came over, I just fell in love with how warm, gentle and fun she was. It was like this light had been brought back into my house after my divorce; it felt like a home again. After tax season was over, I was so sad to see her go, so I asked her out, and we began seeing each other romantically. I was happy, my kids were happy and so was she! About two years later, we got married and have been together for four wonderful years.”
— Kurt Schneider, 58, Kansas City, MO

Chelsea Kaplan is a senior editor at Her blog, “I’m Somebody’s Mother?” can be found at
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