“My Most Fun Date Ever”

From fondue to the zoo, men and women swear these places guarantee you’ll have a great time—try one of these ideas for your next romantic rendezvous!

sk just about anyone what his or her main goal is on a date, and the answer will most likely be this: Have fun! And sure, to a large extent, a date’s fun level is determined by who you’re with. But it’s also determined by where you go as well. Certain places and activities make this getting-to-know-you
“Try a fondue restaurant. If there’s awkward silence, you can always talk about the food.”
phase all the more enjoyable. So if you’re looking for some ideas for your next date, check out what these members would recommend.

It’s only natural
“In September I invited my date on a hike in a nearby reserve right when the trees were turning color. I have to admit, I took her down steep inclines on purpose so she would need to hold on to me while we walked. Needless to say, it created a bond between us.”
—Sequitour, Portland, OR

Be a sport
“The best way to break the ice with a date is with an athletic activity, such as golfing or the batting cages. In addition to getting to know someone better (and see how they respond to competition), you’re getting in shape and not worrying about how to make conversation over coffee or dinner!”
—Nyblueeyes211, Albany, NY

Let’s go play
“I took a date to an amusement park. It worked out great as you can really learn a lot from someone spending the day with them and seeing their reactions to rides, foods, fun. Also, it created a lot of conversation as there were times spent just walking and chatting as well as exciting moments we had to laugh about.”
—Eupguy, Erie, PA

Engineering a great date
“The most fun place I’ve taken a date was a train ride through the mountains. It was early summer and this train had an old wood car that had been converted to seat passengers, so we were able to enjoy the open air and scenery of the local mountains and rivers. It was so relaxing and set the tone for the entire date.”
—Stevegovols, Knoxville, TN

Do the dip
“Try a fondue restaurant. If there’s awkward silence, you can always talk about the food.”
—JoeyD1980, Raleigh, NC

Doing a physical activity forces people to show their true colors
For art’s sake
“The most fun place that I have ever been with a date was an off-the-wall art gallery where the art really was not that good. We had fun criticizing some of the pieces that were displayed but it was also an interesting way to get to know someone.”
—Tainteddream5882, Kansas City, MO

A sweet ride
“I rented a limo for a first date once. I figured it was something out of the blue... you know, spontaneous and all that stuff. It was fun for both of us to ride all over the place in it. No one had ever done something like that for her before, so it was something special right off the bat.”
—AFourthStooge, Chicago, IL

Hang-ten time
“Surfing followed by dinner on the beach. It was successful because having dinner first, people are always putting their ‘best’ foot forward. Doing a physical activity forces people to show their true colors, their frustration, excitement, etc. Having dinner afterwards gives you something to talk about besides the normal getting-to-know-you questions.”
—Jeepdogpa, Philadelphia, PA

Animal attraction
“The zoo! There’s plenty to talk about if you run out of stuff to talk about.”
—Bluesgirl5556, Dallas, TX

Below low-key…
“I told a man who asked me out not long after a traumatic breakup that I wasn’t sure I was ready to date. He was incredibly understanding and even had a sense of humor about it; he suggested we meet at a truck stop, because no one goes on a date at a truck stop. We ended up having a great conversation over horrible coffee.”
—September149, Denver, CO
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