Love-Distance Love - Will It Last?

A new study reveals that having hundreds of miles between you and your sweetie can actually be good for your relationship. Here’s why.

By Laura Schaefer

o you’ve just met an incredible person who shares your fondness for Indian food, 80s action flicks, and (best of all) seems to really dig you. Only one little problem: You live light years from each other. Is this relationship doomed?

Not at all, according to a new study by Mary Carole Pistole, an associate professor at
If you live far away from your sweetie, cheer up! Your relationship may be better for it.
Purdue University, who’s been comparing satisfaction levels of long-distance couples to their more geographically convenient counterparts. In fact, her research found just the opposite: Long-distance relationships can actually be more stable and last longer than close ones.

Why, exactly, are couples who cough up a plane ticket or drive for hours to see each other happier than those who are easily within reach? While they might not spend tons of time together, “long-distance partners have high-quality time together, which might create a closeness not seen in those who see each other every day,” explains Pistole. “They have more open communication, fewer trivial arguments, and segment work and relationship time.” She also points out that couples who live far apart tend to rely more
New research has found that long-distance relationships can actually last longer than close ones.
on email, the telephone and simple notes to stay in touch. Partners who live close by don’t do this as much since they spend more time together, which leads to taking each other for granted.

So if you happen to live far away from your sweetie, cheer up! Your relationship may be better for it, at least for awhile. And as for couples who can pretty much stroll to see one another, remember: Relationships take work, no matter how easy it is for you to get together.

Laura Schaefer is the author of Man with Farm Seeks Woman with Tractor: The Best and Worst Personal Ads of All Time.
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