Is There An Ideal Age To Wed?

Is it best to wed in your 20s, 30s, 40s, or whenever you find The One? The results of a new survey by Happen/ may surprise you.

By Natalie Ermann Russell

hen is the best time to get serious and settle down? Romantics might argue it’s never too late or early, but a poll by indicates that most of you believe there is a “right time” to tie the knot. The top answer selected by 12,000 people surveyed—with 41 percent of the vote—was that the thirties are the ideal age to get hitched. In second place, with 39 percent of the vote, was the answer “whenever you meet the right person,” followed by 15 percent who said the twenties were the right time, and five percent who said “forties or later.”

Apparently, for a surprising number of people, age does matter. “People are getting more practical about love,” says Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil, a New York City therapist and
Romantics might argue it’s never too late or early to wed, but a new poll indicates that there is a “right time” to tie the knot.
author of Make Up, Don’t Break Up. Twenty-somethings, says Weil, are often too idealistic and impulsive to make great marriage material. “But in your thirties, you start thinking with your head, not just your heart,” she says. True, forty-somethings may be even wiser, but at that point people may be more set in their ways, and it can seem like a late age to have children, which may be the reasons why so many people would rather not wait that long.

That said, no one is suggesting you’re doomed if you walk down the aisle at age 21 or 81. Whether the timing is right depends on what’s important to you at a given moment—whether it’s raising a family, establishing your career, or being absolutely, positively sure you’ve found The One. In short, people have more choices now as to why they want to get hitched, says Weil. And that’s great news, no matter how old you are.

Natalie Ermann Russell has written for The Washington Post Magazine, Elle Décor, and Martha Stewart Living.
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