How A Woman Wants To Be Kissed

Guys, we did the asking for you. Here, what our panel of ladies told us about smooches that make them swoon.

By Karen Robinovitz

Kisses are more than a meeting of the lips. When done well, they’re a form of communication, a surefire way to tell a woman, “I want you,” and “I love you.” When done badly, they can be, well, the kiss of death for a new relationship. So, forgive us for asking, but how do your kisses rate? You’ve probably been smooching for so many years that you take your skills for granted. Stop for a moment and think about it. Are you really good at it? Could your repertoire use some refreshing?

To help any guy be an even better kisser, we went on a fact-finding mission. Below, women reveal what makes them go weak at the knees. (Is some of this information
Could your repertoire use some refreshing?
contradictory? Well, yes; what can I say? One woman’s yum is another woman’s yuck. Love is like that.) Now go ahead and read on, and put these insider insights to work for you.

Put some passion in it
“We want to be kissed slowly, constantly, and passionately, all over... like ya mean it! We want to be kissed long, slow, deep and hard—all at once!”
—Cynthia Garret, actress/television host, Life and Style

Inch on over
“Never ask a woman if you can kiss her. If you really can’t read the signs, better off not trying. What does work? Getting closer and closer without touching builds tension, and that leads to the ultimate lip-lock.”
—Amy Sacco, owner of NYC clubs Bungalow 8 and Lot 61

Watch the nose!
“A deep, hot kiss for me means mouth on mouth, the perfect alignment of noses, and a hand inching up to hold the back of my neck.”
—Elizabeth Lippman, photographer

Try a kissing-bandit technique
“A kiss doesn’t have to be face to face to be breathtaking. When my husband and I first started dating, I was standing at a bar, ordering a drink and he came up behind me, put his arms around my waist and kissed the side of my neck, right under my ear. It literally sent shivers down my spine. I remember thinking: ‘Wow! I hope this relationship lasts!’”
—Kimberly Lewis, magazine editor

Be a gentleman
“A man needs to have the right amount of confidence and gentleness to deliver a good kiss. Being over-confident is a big turn-off. I hate when a guy is so full of himself that he goes in for the kiss when you haven’t given him a single signal. Yick!”
—Danna Weiss, fashion expert

Handle her hair
“I like to have my hair stroked while kissing or having him pull my head closer. Men taking control is a total turn-on.”
—Melissa de la Cruz, author

“ That mix of naughty and nice sends chills up my spine.”
Don’t underestimate eye contact
“I love it when a guy stops kissing for a moment, places his hand on my face and then just stares at me like he could devour me before going in for another kiss—that is just heaven.”
—Carmindy, makeup artist/beauty expert, TLC’s What Not To Wear

Try a stealth kiss
“Kisses are so wonderful when they are a sign of reassurance, like when you introduce her to your folks for the first time and they happen to turn away for a moment and you give her a quick kiss to let her know that she rocks!”
—Lisa Ronis, professional matchmaker/dating expert

Pull off the perfect PDA
“An intense kiss when you’re not expecting it is so sexy. I was on a date with my now-boyfriend and we were walking down the street when, out of nowhere, he pressed his body up against mine and began making out with me passionately. He didn’t care who walked by or if anyone screamed, ‘Get a room!’ That was a year ago and I still think about it all the time.”
—Alexis Karl, painter

Deliver the sweetest smooch
“After a make-out session, end it with sweetness like a tiny peck on each cheek, then the tip of the nose, then the forehead. That mix of naughty and nice sends chills up my spine. Yum.”

Karen Robinovitz is a New York-based writer who covers fashion, trends, entertainment, and relationships. She’s also a regular on VH-1’s The Fabulous Life.
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