Attention-Grabbing Compliments

Calling out someone’s good looks, gorgeous face or interesting job is nothing new. Instead, try one of these unexpected flattery strategies to make a great impression on your next date.

By LaDawn Black

ypical clichéd date talk and flirtatious comments can get old really quick. Obvious compliments (a great smile, nice car or a fit body) can also come off as insincere. If you really want to catch the attention of a new love interest, make your compliments original ones. Try these unexpected ways to compliment someone, and you’ll leave a lasting impression on your date!

Ask about a small or non-flashy accessory
One quick way to impress someone new is to pick an item of clothing or jewelry that isn’t flashy to ask about. A quirky pair of cufflinks, simple necklace,
We all have aspects of our looks that are obvious attention-getters.
any antique-looking pieces of jewelry or a unique briefcase can be great conversation-starters. People often choose these small items more for sentimental reasons, not to impress others; they’re more about expressing an individual’s personality than what he or she can afford to own. Noticing the small things shows that you are taking the person in and really interested in getting to know them.

Draw attention to something unusual he or she is passionate about
Listen closely to what your date’s passionate about. Often, within the first 30 minutes of talking with someone you can get a pretty clear picture of what things he or she absolutely considers essential life fuel for staying happy. A pet, family member, hobby or even work may come up during the getting-to-know-you conversation, so pay attention. Acknowledge this passion and let your love interest know in a subtle way that you see what matters most to him or her and have respect for it.

Call out your date’s least obvious beauty trait
This one is easy! We all have aspects of our looks that are obvious attention-getters, like height, a great head of hair, a curvy figure, or a gorgeous face. Instead of complimenting these obvious assets, take a few minutes and try to find something hot about your date that isn’t what other people typically notice. She has a beautiful smile? Don’t tell her that at first; instead, try commenting on the way her eyes light up when she laughs. If a guy’s incredibly tall and fit, don’t give him that same tired compliment every other woman already has. Instead, comment on his beautiful skin that obviously comes from living a healthy lifestyle. The trick here is to be genuine and make sure that your compliment makes sense while linking it in an unexpected way to another strength that your date knows he or she already has.

Point out some unique aspect of a date’s location that’s appealing to you
Go beyond just complimenting the date-planner’s choice for your outing; focus on the locale. Take the time while
Good manners still go a long way in making an impression.
you’re there to find something interesting about the place and mention how much you like it to your date. Maybe your first meet-up taking place in an aquarium isn’t incredibly memorable, but the fact that it also offers a weekend wine-and-dine package for couples that you’d love to check out one day reinforces the planner’s good choice while letting him or her know that you are open to going on another date in the future.

Agree with your date’s unique point of view on a touchy topic
In talking about controversial issues or current events, compliment your date on his or her point of view on the subject. There are two universal things in dating everyone wants to be reassured about: 1) that the other person thinks you’re attractive, and 2) he or she believes that you’re smart. There is nothing quite like letting the other person know that his or her opinion makes perfect sense to you if you’re trying to forge a connection.

Show your appreciation for small acts of grace, class, manners and chivalry
Who doesn’t want to feel extremely classy or chivalrous in front of a potential mate? As much as we talk about gender equality, there’s no denying the powerful draw of someone who’s able to be incredibly modern while still being on his or her old-school manners game around the opposite sex. Take time to point out any little things that will make your date feel like the ultimate lady or gentleman in your presence. After all, good manners still go a long way in making an impression on someone!

Admire your date’s eclectic taste in entertainment
Listen for anything that’s different or off the beaten path about your date and comment on it in a positive way. A love for eclectic/independent music, films, artists or travel destinations can clue you into what kind of person your date is and his or her lifestyle choices. Everyone likes to feel special and unique, and the way that often comes up is through a person’s preferred type of entertainment. By listening attentively to your date and complimenting those tastes, you’re letting him or her know that these quirks are fine by you.

LaDawn Black is a relationship expert, media personality and the author of Let's Get It On: 15 Hot Tips and Tricks to Spice Up Your Sex. Learn more at
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