Holiday For One?

Being single during the holidays isn't a sentence, it's a blessing. Here, our ideas for celebrating this time of year… single style.

By Elsa K. Simcik

t’s almost the holidays, and you’re starting to regret breaking up with loud-talking Larry. You’re thinking maybe his above-average voice volume wasn’t so bad. Perhaps you should have put up with him until at least New Year’s—just to have someone to kiss at midnight. But then something tells you that’s crazy. Maybe it’s your subconscious. Maybe
Being single during the holidays shouldn’t be a sentence.
it’s Larry yelling in your ear: It’s okay—no, it’s better than okay—to be single during the holidays.

Why spend the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s holed up in your house with one guy, roasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate? Okay, that can be pretty nice but think of the calorie consumption. Being single during the holidays shouldn’t be a sentence. It should be a blessing. So instead of giving you a laundry list of ways to “survive” the holidays, here are some ideas for celebrating this time of year, single style.

R.S.V.P. with a “Yes”
You can couple up next year. This year you’re ready to party like a hotel heiress. When your best friend invites you to tag along to her office bash, you’re there. When your neighbors ask you to drop by for some holiday cheer, you bring the star-shaped sugar cookies. You’ll be a fixture on the holiday party circuit, even if one of the parties is thrown by your Aunt Mirabelle. As you run from one holiday soiree to the next, be sure to pick up a new winter hunk after each glass of eggnog. Yikes. More calories. Better sprint to the next party.

Embrace the mistletoe
Instead of cursing this passion plant, use it to your advantage. It’s really more practical for two single people. I mean, how often do you see a married couple with three kids, mugging down in a doorway? Okay, so you may need a couple of glasses of wine and some encouragement from your girlfriends
This is the perfect time of year to be single and on the prowl.
but nothing’s wrong with an innocent comment like, “Oh, will you look at that? We’re under the mistletoe.” Just make sure he’s not the guy who’s married with three kids.

Play holiday hostess
If you’re gonna be mooching off everybody else’s sugarplums and beer, you may want to consider throwing your own get-together. If you’ve got any downtime between your other social commitments, planning a party should fill it up. Encourage your guests to bring friends. You know what they say, “The more cute, available guys, the merrier.”

Spruce up your crib
Whether you decide to throw the holiday bash of the millennium or not, go ahead and liven up your pad. Why not paint the walls red or finally rid yourself of the floral wallpaper in your bathroom? Create your own “Trading Spaces” without having to put your home in the hands of your tasteless neighbors. Redecorating can be cathartic and satisfying. And since you’re single, you can make all the decorating decisions (although you probably would anyway). You can even put up extra mistletoe.

This holiday season, forget about loud-talking Larry. Forget about the bartender with the slight B.O. Forget about cheap Charlie. You deserve better than these flawed fellas. This is the perfect time of year to be single and on the prowl. And not necessarily for your future husband. Instead of testing your first name with the last name of every guy you meet under the mistletoe, just have fun. Enjoy this time of year where almost every guy looks hot in bulky winter clothing. Soon it’ll be stressful bathing suit season again. So keep on flirting and drink up the eggnog while you can.

Elsa Simcik is a freelance writer in Dallas, TX, who has contributed to Women’s Health & Fitness and Men’s Edge.
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