Take A Date Home For The Holidays?

Should you bring your new sweetie to your family’s turkey day table? Take this quiz and find out.

By Margot Carmichael Lester

t happens every year. The holidays are coming and your mother will ask if you’re bringing that nice person you’re seeing home for Thanksgiving. What do you tell her? Take this fun quiz to find out if your
Disembark! You and your family deserve better.
honey is worthy of a drumstick or if you should drum her out of your life.

1. What initially attracted you to your date?
  • Hmmm...ya got me! (Score = -1)
  • My libido. (Score = 1)
  • My ego. (Score = 2)
  • There were no red flags. (Score = 3)
  • The complete package! (Score = 4)
2. Where do you see your relationship going?
  • Nowhere. And fast. (Score = -1)
  • The bedroom. (Score = 1)
  • Into next week. (Score = 2)
  • Too early to tell. (Score = 3)
  • To the altar. (Score = 4)
3. Which movie title best describes your date?
  • Psycho (Score = -1)
  • The Player (Score = 1)
  • Maybe Baby (Score = 2)
  • I don’t know yet—we’re still watching the coming attractions, which are good! (Score = 3)
  • Perfect (Score = 4)
4. How do your friends refer to your date?
  • S/he Who Must Not Be Named. (Score = -1)
  • Dr. McDreamy or The Hot One. (Score = 1)
  • Flavor of the Week. (Score = 2)
  • The New One. (Score = 3)
  • By his/her name. (Score = 4)
5. If your date was a holiday dish, which would he or she be?
  • The odd oyster hors d’oeuvres no one goes near. (Score = -1)
  • The mouth-watering dessert that’s gotta be bad for you. (Score = 1)
  • An interesting side dish…but you’re not sure if you’ll like it. (Score = 2)
  • That appetizing dish of mashed potatoes with gravy. (Score = 3)
  • That main course you’ve been waiting for all year. (Score = 4)
Less than 0: Your date is a train wreck! Disembark! You and your family deserve better. “Even train wrecks deserve to be with someone who
Your family’s going to like this one as much as you do.
can appreciate them,” says marriage and family therapist Elinor Robin of Boca Raton. “You are much better off single then dating someone who makes you ashamed. Ask yourself why you even started dating this person, get to work on understanding yourself and by next Christmas you will be able to attract a higher quality date.”

0-5: Your relationship is based on your date’s looks and your libido. You want your parents to find you making out on the kitchen table? “It sounds like this is the perfect opportunity to have The Talk,” says Rachel Sarah, author of Single Mom Seeking: Play Dates, Blind Dates and Other Dispatches from the Dating World. “You feel a lot of chemistry with your date, but it’s clear that he/she is not long-term partner material. Do you really want to drag this person into your family—or vice-versa? No.”

6-10: You’re not committed to your date, so why let this person and your family think that something serious is brewing by doing the holiday visit? “Bringing a date home just because you’re lonely or desperate is not a smart move,” Sarah counsels. “What do you want? If it’s a satisfying life and loving relationship, then take the initiative to be clear about your choices. Only keep dating someone — and only introduce the person around — if you see a future together.”

11-15: You’ve just met. If you’re right for each other, there will be plenty of other holidays. So don’t rush it. If asked, “Tell your date that you don’t feel the relationship is at the point where you are comfortable introducing them to the family,” suggests Amy Applebaum, a certified life coach in Los Angeles. And if you’re optimistic about the future, let the person know that—that there’s plenty of time to meet friends and family… Thanksgiving isn’t the only day for that!

16-20: Your family’s going to like this one as much as you do. You both need to start packing!

Freelance writer Margot Carmichael Lester also pens the faith-based dating advice column, Ask Margot. Send your questions to
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