Quiz-What Her Workout Routine Reveals

Want to know what really makes her tick? Take this quiz to find out what her exercise habits mean.

By Caitlin Ascolese

ost guys don’t really know much about what the women in their lives do at the gym, they just appreciate getting time to themselves a few times a week. But taking our simple quiz will give you an easy way to learn a little more about her interest in staying in shape — and help you have more fun together.

1. Her biggest concern if she misses a workout is that she:
a. Will have to burn off calories some other
Her exercise isn’t driven by an obsession with weight loss.
b. Won’t get that reimbursement check from her insurance company.
c. Will lose muscle tone after all the hard work she’s done.

2. Where does she spend the most time at the gym?
a. In a class (spinning, yoga, Pilates, etc.).
b. On the massage table or in the sauna.
c. On the treadmill.

3. Which would complete her workout mantra? “No pain _____.”
a. “Is good pain.”
b. “Please!”
c. “No gain.”

4. She believes the point of hiring a personal trainer is:
a. To help make workouts more fun and provide some motivation.
b. To help someone fit into a bridesmaid’s dress when it’s only one month until the wedding.
c. To push her until she’s a rock-hard athlete.

5. Your girlfriend believes the chit-chat that goes on before her workout class is:
a. A nice way to bond with other exercisers.
b. The best way to find a new doctor, manicurist, or restaurant recommendation in the area.
c. Proof that those slackers aren’t working hard enough.

If you answered...
Mostly A’s: Gym Bunny
Your woman’s love of the gym is a healthy one: she goes because exercising makes her feel good and she’s discovered a program that’s healthy and sensible to follow. Her exercise isn’t driven by an obsession with weight loss or being seen by the right people or atoning for every extra potato chip eaten, and that means she’s more likely to have fun than someone motivated by guilt or insecurity. “Everybody has an inner athlete inside,” says Los Angeles lifestyle and fitness consultant Ashley Borden ( “Successful exercisers know that if they take care of their body, it will turn around and take care of them.”

How to get closer to her: If you don’t usually work out, you can use your gym bunny’s enthusiasm as a motivator and ask her to help design an exercise plan for you. She knows her way around the gym and will be a great — and sexy — guide to help get you started. And if you’re already in shape, you two can build exercise into your date nights. Take turns picking a challenging activity each week, like
You’ll bond over the excitement of doing your shared chosen activity.
rock climbing or Bikram yoga, and then delve into trying them together. You’ll bond over the excitement of doing your shared chosen activity, never get bored, and may even discover a new passion!

Mostly B’s: Gym Potato
For this social butterfly, visiting the gym is the goal in itself — not getting in shape. She couldn’t care less about working up a sweat or finding her target heart rate; she’s there to see, chat, be seen, and then chat some more. And she’s not alone: “Plenty of people get excited because a celebrity was quoted once about doing a certain exercise, but it doesn’t work for them, because that’s not how the celebrity actually got his or her body,” says Borden. “They don’t mention the diet pills, liposuction, food restrictions, personal chef, the trainer and everything else.” Your lady goes to the gym because it makes her feel like she’s doing something worthwhile. Since she still likes going, it means the gym meets other needs in her life, like providing a social outlet and sense of identity (not to mention free shampoo and other perks). And it’s not a bad thing — unless your gym potato actually thinks that swiping her membership card automatically equals “a good workout.”

How to get closer to her: Regardless of the reasons why she started going or whether she spends more time in the steam room or the smoothie bar, the object of your affection likes being at the gym. She feels comfortable, confident and in control there, and that can be a huge boost for you, too. Plan a time to go together and have her show you her usual routine. She’ll be flattered that you’re interested, and you can ask her to try things with you she normally wouldn’t consider. A new class or activity might actually turn her on to a more heart-healthy reason to go to the gym and give you two one more option for date night.

Mostly C’s: Gym Rat
This is the woman who breaks plans to squeeze in another workout and when she takes a bite of cake, she knows exactly how many more minutes she’s going to spend sweating it out on the elliptical the next day. “Just like with people who develop addictions and focus on nothing else, some people can build their entire day around exercising,” says Kathleen A. Martin Ginis, Ph.D., a professor at McMaster University who has studied compulsive exercisers. “The problem isn’t how often they work out but that working out interferes with them living the rest of their lives,” Ginis explains.

How to get closer to her: This gym rat has been working so hard for so long that she’s probably forgotten that exercise can actually be fun. So help her break out of her rut! Ask her to go to a new class with you or do physical activities — hiking, scuba diving, canoeing, tennis — that don’t require a gym membership. By reminding her that workouts don’t have to be her second job, you’re likely to help her put more of a priority on having fun and living her life. And best of all, neither of you will be giving up a healthy lifestyle — you can just enjoy maintaining it together!

Caitlin Ascolese is a freelance writer and editor based in New York.
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