It’s Not Too Late For Summer Love

Labor Day is right around the corner—could one last summer romance be just what you need?

By Jessica Brown

summer romance is kind of like a summer popcorn flick: A light-hearted thrill that you don’t take too seriously. Instead of all the heavy drama of a serious relationship, you get some fun dates and giddy good times to perk up your love life. So if you haven’t had some flirty fun yet this summer, check out these five reasons why you should consider it before beach season ends.

1. It’s the perfect time to take a little break from trying to find true love
The weather is steamy enough as it is, so why spend the end of August sweating over finding The One? Instead, have fun making eyes at a hottie during
In summer, everyone’s just looking for someone to hang out with.
happy hour or swooning over the fine specimen you keep bumping into at the pool. “The problem with dating during the other three seasons is that people spend so much time over-analyzing relationships and wondering if they’ve found their soul mate,” says Roman Griffen, author of Internet Dating: Tips, Tricks, and Tactics. “In summer, everyone’s just looking for someone to hang out with.” Think picnics at the beach, not marriage.

2. Your body is just fine with being single
There’s actually a biological reason that people have been ditching their steadies right before summer practically since the beginning of time, says Lisa Daily, author of Stop Getting Dumped! “When you’re in love, your serotonin level rises,” she explains. “But in summer, you get that serotonin lift from the sun, so you don’t need it from a boyfriend or a girlfriend.” Thus, a carefree romance is perfectly satisfying right now.

3. Meeting people has never been easier
Look at your calendar: How many barbecues, picnics, and beach outings do you have jotted down? Even the biggest hermits among us tend to have an abundance of plans in summer. Accept every invitation that comes your way in these last few weeks, because chances are good that some very willing suitors will be in attendance. “People are more relaxed and open
Flings are designed to be learning experiences.
in summer—the weather just makes for a friendlier dating environment,” says Lisa Daily. “Even if you’re working all day, you’re doing more vacation-like things during downtime.”

If your August is looking a little bare, check your local paper for special summertime outdoor activities, like concerts and movies, and grab a friend. You won’t be disappointed: “Summer is a lot like your freshman year at college. Everywhere you look, there’s a potential romance. And everybody’s looking,” says Daily.

4. You’re more likely to broaden your dating horizons
You’re a card-carrying Democrat and yet here you are, happily sharing your beach towel with a registered Republican. Surprised? That’s often the nature of a summer romance, says Daily. “Think about what happens when people fall for someone on vacation—they gravitate toward their complete opposite,” she says. “All usual bets are off.” True, these sorts of relationships usually don’t last, but they can expand your dating horizons. “Flings are designed to be learning experiences,” says Griffen. “You figure out what you can and can’t live with in a relationship.”

5. You’ll get psyched about dating again
We’ve all been there: You’ve spent the first several months of the year going out on a string of so-so dates and are starting to feel fed up with dating in general. But a great summer romance is your ticket to putting the, well, life back in your love life. “There’s no pressure on you, so you don’t have to worry about doing or saying the right thing, which is so refreshing,” says Daily. “And everyone expects you to take things a little slower in summer, so you shouldn’t be getting pressure from anyone else either!” With your ego and motivation restored, you’ll be back out on the town with a vengeance this fall.

Jessica Brown is a writer in New York City who has contributed to Redbook, Child and Fitness.
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