Tweet, Tweet Love

In our over-sharing culture, it's all too easy to let a social media blunder negatively impact your love life. Here's how to keep your relationship intact while participating in the Twitter-verse.

By Sarah Speiser

side from, you know, rumored infidelity, one possible reason why Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher ended their marriage is because they lived their life too publicly on Twitter. From their mushy tweets to each other from inside the same house to Ashton posting bikini photos of Demi to cryptic tweets about the future of their union, one thing is clear: their marriage could have benefited from taking a breather from Twitter. They didn't learn, but you can. Here's our best advice for keeping your relationship solid — in 140 characters or less.

Tweet tip #1: @Don't over-share minutiae
New relationships are about mystery, so don't dilute the romance by spilling trivial details about your day. Eat an amazing dinner? Yum! Spending Friday night in bed watching Bridezillas? Fun! Just ask yourself what your date really needs to know about you in the
Cringe-worthy celebrity tweets

@CourtneyStodden: While Doug prepares a delicious din-din, I arouse his appetite by shakin it on the kitchen counter to "Car Candy" ... Just doin' my job! ;-)

@aplusk (Ashton Kutcher): Watching my wife steam my suit while wearing a bikini. I love God!

@mrskutcher (Demi Moore): Unfortunately snuggling and a movie will have to wait. Must run out and face the earthly cleanse that is taking place here in LA.

@SeanJohnC (P. Diddy/Sean Combs): For all those just tuning in. I'm 6 and half hours in on a 36-hour tantric sex session. Welcome.

@LindsayLohan: @samantharonson doesn't respond 2 me b/c her family will cut her off if she contacts me. They control the one I love & I'm incapable of making any sort of difference.

@SolangeKnowles: My thumb itches and my armpits smell like SpongeBob fever.

Tweet tip #2: @Don't tweet your problems
If you're annoyed with your partner, resist the urge to blast it on Twitter. Airing dirty laundry online makes your relationship public fodder, and when you do finally make up with each other, you'll regret letting the world in on your private life.

Tweet tip #3: @Don't create unnecessary drama
At your best friend's bachelorette party or on a guys' trip to Vegas, carefully consider which photos you want your sweetie to view. Group shots in the pool are cute, but lap dances at a strip club? Not so much.

Tweet tip #4: @Don't over-analyze things
If your romance is new, it's tempting to follow your partner's Twitter stream (Hey! Who's that following him/her?). But observing snippets of someone's life and making grand assumptions can also cause you to misconstrue an innocent situation.

Tweet tip #5: @Don't tweet your bliss
Incessant tweeting about how happy in love you are ("Date night tonight! Henry surprised me with roses!") will simply annoy your single friends and put unnecessary public pressure on your blossoming romance.

Tweet tip #6: @Don't be sarcastic
Without the advantage of seeing each other's body language and facial expressions, it's difficult to understand that when you write, "Yeah, right!" it really means you're smiling, not seething. So avoid typing anything that your new love interest could misinterpret.

Tweet tip #7: @Don't listen to the Twitterati
If you're constantly reading updates about marriage proposals, new homes, or baby showers, stop following those friends who make you feel like your romance is falling behind. Remember that people put their best versions of themselves online, and no couple is happy 24/7.

Tweet tip #8: @Don't replace one-on-one time with Twitter
If you're using Twitter to supplement your romance, consider taking a break from the Internet to focus on your real-life relationship.

Sarah Speiser Sarah Speiser is a freelance writer from Boston, MA.
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