What’s A Little Lovin’ Worth To You?

When it comes to matters of the heart (or bed), it's amazing what people will forego! Below, learn how men and women's priorities differ when it comes to accessing the Internet, sleep… and even showering.

By Kimberly Dawn Neumann

ow much value do you place on nooky? In other words, if you had to choose, would you give up your first-born for a year of amazing sex? OK, we haven't seen a study quite that polemical yet. But in poking around, we found quite a few extremely interesting statistics as of late indicating just how much people value their love lives. Hang on, because the results may surprise you.

Intercourse vs. Internet
A poll of 2,119 adults conducted by Harris Interactive for Intel found that a whopping 46 percent of women would opt to forego sex for two
No one wants to get it on when they're feeling dirty and gross.
weeks rather than lose their ability to connect online. And get this: the men in the study were not far behind, with a full 30 percent saying they'd rather give up sex than the Internet (perhaps cybersex can fill in that blank for them?). More broadly, those surveyed said access to the Internet ranked highest among the discretionary spending items they could not live without. Cable television, dining out, shopping for clothes and gym memberships followed in declining order of importance.

Additionally, 61 percent of women surveyed said they'd rather go without TV for two weeks than the Internet — and 65 percent of adults feel that they cannot live without Internet access. In other words, a whole bunch of people would rather plug in than put out!

This one gets confusing even for the best of us sometimes. Would you rather give up your Personal Digital Assistant (i.e., your iPhone, BlackBerry, other variety of smartphone, etc.) or Public Displays of Affection (i.e., kissing, cuddling, and so on where others can see you)? According to a recent study conducted by Telenav, it seems that a full one-third of people prefer their cell phones to activity with sexual overtones. What's more, the survey found that 28 percent of iPhone users, 23 percent of Android users, and 18 percent of BlackBerry users would rather go a week without seeing their significant other than relinquish their phone. In addition to sex, Americans would also pass on alcohol, chocolate, caffeine, exercise, a toothbrush, shoes and a computer if it meant being able to keep their phones handy.

Cleanliness vs. coitus
No one wants to get it on when they're feeling dirty and gross, right? Scratch that — men might be OK with it. A recent study conducted by the Women at NBCU discovered that the ladies would rather go for a month without sex than without taking a shower. But the men surveyed had a different response — they were willing to forego personal hygiene for exploring some interpersonal chemistry instead. The researchers gave a group of men and women between the ages of 18-54 a list of various activities, asking them to choose the three things they absolutely could not live without for a month. Men and women agreed that sleeping and surfing the web were everyday essentials (we're back to that Internet addiction thing already?), but when it came to choosing the third activity, men and women disagreed. Men, unsurprisingly, checked the "sex" box. Women, on the other hand, decided sex was less important and chose "showering" instead. Now, if only there had been a box for "sex in the shower"…

Facebook vs. foreplay
According to a recent Cosmopolitan magazine survey of over 2,000 women, one in five respondents apparently "Like" Facebook more than getting freaky in bed! Before you hit "Unlike" here, though, keep in mind that if you flip the survey results, that's actually 80 percent of women who admit they would blessedly forego posting their status updates for a week in exchange for a little real-time action. For that 20 percent of you ladies spending all your time on the social networking site… what are you doing there? If you're hoping to
It's a common belief that men value sex more than love.
connect with a member of the opposite sex while browsing FB, here's further proof you need to log off instead: Research conducted by The British Office of National Statistics found that men are less eager to create online friendships than women via social networking sites (though men were likely to use connectors like LinkedIn professionally and online dating sites for fostering romantic relationships). In other words, ladies, if a rewarding relationship is your goal, limit your Facebooking time.

Snuggling vs. sex
So here's where it gets really interesting: It turns out that men (who up to this point have seemed like they wouldn't give up sex for much of anything, except maybe the Internet) are actually into cuddling… possibly even more than sex! A recent study from the Kinsey Institute (published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior) examined 1,000 couples aged 40-70 living in the United States, Brazil, Germany, Japan and Spain who were either married or had been living together for a minimum of one year (the average relationships had lasted for about 25 years overall). The researchers found that the men they surveyed said that cuddling, caressing, kissing and tenderness were important ingredients for long-term relationship satisfaction, while the female participants were more likely to report they wanted sex and nothing else. We knew the ladies weren't just all about that "bonding" stuff — they like getting it on, too! So the men in this study would go for the snuggling over making love, but the women are still holding out for a serious roll in the sack. Nicely played, ladies!

Zzz... vs. XXX
Okay, this one may have something to do with how much sleep you're getting regularly. Already clocking 6-8 hours per night in dreamland? Then you might be willing to skip snoozing for a little XXX action instead. However, a recent joint survey of 26,000 moms by and found that 52.6 percent would rather have a night of uninterrupted sleep than the 47.4 percent who would opt for a night of mind-blowing passion. The other thing that seems to skew the stats towards preferring sleep over sex is the number of respondents with job stress or atypical working hours. A study conducted by the Men's Health Network and Cephalon found that 30 percent of workers who endure long or crazy hours on the job reported that they were concerned about their sex lives (as in, they weren't getting much, if any). That probably means that if you're exhausted from chasing kids or working the late shift, your pillow may seem like the sexiest thing you've seen all day.

Love vs. money
It's a common belief that men value sex more than love. However, a new study conducted by found that when given the chance to put a price on a first date, men consistently priced the opportunity to have an initial encounter with someone they may fall in love with as higher than one with someone with whom they're only interested in having a casual fling. To be exact, the study concluded than men value the opportunity to fall in love more than the opportunity to have sex by $73. In this economy, we're not sure what $73 will get you, but we like the idea that people are still putting more importance on love than lust — and that they're willing to put their money where their heart is.

Kimberly Dawn Neumann ( is a popular New York City-based freelance writer whose work has appeared in such publications as Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Redbook, Maxim and frequently online. A certified dating/relationship coach, she's published two books: The Real Reasons Men Commit and Sex Comes First and is the founder of She thinks her willingness to give up the Internet for some lovin' would depend on how good it is…
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