Get Lucky With A Love Song

According to studies, the right “mood music” really DOES affect your dating luck. Learn more here!

By Kimberly Dawn Neumann

ll the world’s a song when you’re in love (or so they say). But before you start lamenting the lack of lyrics in your present repertoire, keep in mind that the poetic power of music also extends to the “pre-our-song” era as well. In fact, recent
So go on, whistle a sappy tune and reap the rewards.
research has shown that hitting the right “notes” can set the mood, ameliorate your chances of getting a date — or even cause you to make romantic impulse buys. So go on, whistle a sappy tune and reap the rewards.

Romantic lyrics = “Call me sometime”
Want to ask that girl out but not sure whether she’ll say yes? Try to get her somewhere that mushy music is playing first, and you’ve got a much better shot at success. Recently, researchers in France conducted an experiment in which 18- to 20-year-old women were exposed to songs with either romantic lyrics or neutral ones as they waited for a marketing survey to begin. Five minutes later, each girl was led into an experiment room where a male “plant” (posing as a second survey participant) was already waiting. For several minutes, the duo participated in a taste test of organic and non-organic cookies, and afterward, during a break, the man asked the musically prepped woman for her phone number. It turns out that the girls who’d been exposed to the love songs pre-taste-test were almost twice as likely to hand over their contact information! In other words, if a little dose of Lionel Ritchie’s “Hello” can help your chances of scoring, elevator music might not be such a bad thing.

Every note’s coming up roses
In another French study (it makes sense that they’d “sing” the language of love as well as speaking it, right?), researchers discovered that men who were exposed to romantic music while browsing a flower shop tended to walk out with more roses (well, it could’ve been peonies, daisies or tulips, for that matter…but the bottom line is, they spent more money). No word yet on whether this data can be extrapolated to Tiffany & Co. and buying diamonds but we think that any woman looking for a sparkling love trinket might want to give it a shot. Play some romantic music in the car before going shopping with your beau and he’ll be primed for love-influenced purchases, ladies!

How to set the mood with music
Looking to get your date a little tipsy? OK, we may get in trouble for offering up this tip in securing an unfair advantage, but it seems that the louder the music, the quicker the gulping. One recent study showed that when patrons in a bar were exposed to music played at an above-average decibel level, they not only drank more overall — they also downed their potions at a faster rate. Researchers blamed the “arousal” properties of loud music and the lack of social interaction for the increased imbibing. This is probably not surprising to you, since many clubs seem to employ this “if-you-can’t-speak-just-drink” policy, but if your goal is to get to actually know your date, then you might want to keep the music at a lower volume at first. (You can always crank it back up later.) And what about making the right musical selections to get someone in the mood? Well, try to avoid anything in a minor key (i.e., “Adagio for Strings”) unless you want your date to suddenly burst into tears. Happy music tends to be faster in tempo and in a major key. Pick something too slow, and your date may fall asleep. Think moderate tempo and mellow if you want to relax together (in other words, there is a reason that “Barry White” is synonymous with “sexy”).

Dos and don’ts for writing your own love song
Every time some dude tries to sing a love song to the latest “Bachelorette” it comes off as cringe-worthy. However,
While one verse might be sweet, five verses will be exhausting.
there may be an occasion where your emotion gets the best of you and you just gotta belt it out. Matthew Sklar, the Tony-nominated composer of The Wedding Singer musical, says: “The best way not to make a fool out of yourself is to NOT write the song in the first place. But if you feel confident that you can pull it off, audition it for a female friend first — she’ll tell you whether it will help or hurt your cause.” Still feeling absolutely compelled to serenade? Consider the following tips to keep your love song sweet instead of shame-worthy:
  1. DO include your amour’s name at least once. If you personalize the lyrics, then it won’t seem like something that you might have used before on, say…another sweetheart? Nothing is worse than feeling like you’re the recipient of a recycled love song (except possibly hearing the wrong name blurted out at a crucial time). Anyway, you get the point.
  2. DON’T hum a complicated tune. Seriously, keep the notes simple so you don’t run the risk of going completely off-key due to nerves (because an off-key love song surely won’t hit the right chords…no matter HOW poetic the lyrics might be). Also, try to avoid singing it to a recognizable tune if at all possible (“Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” is not gonna cut it here, no matter how much you change the original words).
  3. DO keep it short. Perhaps your love will go on and on like that Celine Dion song from Titanic, but trust us…you do NOT want your song to do the same thing. While one verse might be sweet, five verses will be exhausting… for you and your date.
  4. DON’T debut your song in public. Seriously, this is a gesture that should be done behind closed doors with just the two of you present. If it’s such a huge hit that it deserves an encore in front of an audience, you can always do it again at a later time. But if it’s a total disaster, do you really want anyone else to know? Make this something cute between you and your date; even if you bomb, you stand a chance of recovering the romantic moment with a kiss.
  5. DO smile when you sing. It’ll make you look more endearing and sincere (if you’re too serious, your date will probably be confused). Music is supposed to make people feel good, so keep that in mind and have fun with it!
Kimberly Dawn Neumann ( is a New York City-based freelance writer whose work has appeared in Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Women’s Health, Marie Claire, Maxim and more. A frequent online contributor for’s Happen magazine, she’s also the author of The Real Reasons Men Commit and Sex Comes First as well as the founder of For the record, she likes love songs.
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