Gift-Giving Ideas For Every Personality

Unsure of what gesture will win your honey’s heart? We’ve got great ideas for each personality type.

By Kimberly Dawn Neumann

lothes… or a watch? Gold… or silver? Gadget… or concert tickets?

Trying to pick the right gift for that special someone can be a conundrum — especially when you want it wrapped to impress (or to at least to let the person know how much you care). But before you find yourself in a department store sputtering with
Another safe bet is to give money or gift cards.
indecision, get this: knowing your date’s dominant personality type can help you successfully narrow down the gifting options. “Giving the perfect gift is easy if you know what each personality type craves,” says Angel Tucker, C.H.B.C., expert personality profiler, founder of and author of Stop Squatting With Your Spurs On! “With a little research, you’ll be able to pick the item that has your honey saying, ‘This is exactly what I wanted! How did you know?’” And who doesn’t want to look like a gift-giving genius?

Keeping that in mind, Tucker helped us identify four main personality types and the best gifts to give people with these traits — so you’ll never find yourself weeping at the mall again.

Personality Type #1: The go-getter
This personality type is always busy. He or she has things to do, places to go and people to see. “Never say die” is the go-getter’s motto, and they love a challenge. They are superb multi-taskers and can put on makeup while texting and eating breakfast — all at the same time! Go-getters believe you should lead, follow, or get out of their way. They move fast, think on their feet, eat quickly and do anything else that can be done — all at lightning speed. Below are the best choices for go-getters.

Holiday gifts: “Here is the trick with this bossy type: get EXACTLY what he or she asks for,” says Tucker. “If your partner asks for something blue, then red will not do.” Another safe bet is to give money or gift cards. No matter what the occasion, go-getters have no problem buying their own gifts. This way, he or she gets exactly what was desired and doesn’t have to pretend to like what you gave instead. Save yourself some grief and make both of you happy by sticking with the green for gift-giving opportunities in the future.

Birthday presents: Make it a public production with balloons and/or flowers sent to this person’s office, a meal at an expensive restaurant you both love, the whole works! If you will be surrounded by others at the birthday event, be sure to let your sweetheart know publicly how much he or she means to you and how brilliant you find this person (be careful not to sound needy in your declarations, though). Thinking of throwing a party? This type will not only want to be in charge of planning the soiree, but will task everyone else, too. Go-getters want to decide who will pick up the cake, make appetizers, what type of music will be played and anything else involved. In fact, a go-getter will enjoy planning the party more than attending it. So, agree to pay and then get out of the way. Your date will think it was the best party ever since you picked up the check.

Romantic occasions: When they say “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” they are definitely talking about this personality type. “Bigger is always better” is the go-getter’s motto, so if you can see it glitter from across the room, it’s a great choice (as long as it’s not tacky). Go-getters prefer jewelry with clean lines and great quality, so avoid buying jewelry that’s shaped like flowers, for example. If you’re thinking of proposing, make it big…like a Kate Middleton-sized engagement ring presented at midnight in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. Yeah, that should work.

Personality Type #2: The life of the party
If you’re dating this personality type, you’ll know it. This vibrant person lights up the room just by walking into it. This type of personality really enjoys life, loves to make others laugh and lives for fun. Below are the best picks for this personality.

Holiday gifts: Give this person something shiny, because he or she naturally loves purses, earrings, watches, cufflinks, and all things that are trendy and fun. Whatever you choose doesn’t have to be exactly what this person would have bought — life-of-the-party types just love getting gifts. The reality is, your date will probably lose whatever you give very quickly… so don’t spend a lot of money on it. “These personalities are forgetful in nature and can’t remember where they put things or if you gave, for example, a stylish pair of sunglasses — they will probably get left behind on the table at a restaurant within the next few weeks, but your date might not realize it right away,” says Tucker. That said, these types are also stylish, so don’t get anything trashy.

Birthday presents: Make it big, but shhhh… keep it a surprise! This type loves surprises —which, in some ways, makes it easier, because the actual gift isn’t as important as the time you put into making him or her feel like the most important person in your life (which should be easy if you’re dating). A spa day is always a welcomed treat for this type (or you can do your own at-home version and draw a foamy bath with candles). If there’s a party involved, think about ordering custom M&Ms for the party printed with a clever saying or this person’s name. Also, make sure the event has plenty of fun and games planned since this type bores very easily. The livelier the celebration, the better!

Romantic occasions: Pack a bag and whisk this type off for a romantic weekend getaway without revealing any hints about where you’re going or what you’ll be doing. If it’s a proposal you’re contemplating, go for the gusto and definitely include your friends. A huge “will you marry me, (name)?” written in the sky by a plane is one great idea; for the sports fan, this type loves proposals made in front of tens of thousands of your closest “friends” on a stadium JumboTron. Go all out for this type, you’ll be rewarded for it.

Personality Type #3: The nurturer
Are you in a relationship with a loving, caring soul? This personality is notoriously supportive. These people are more reserved in nature, but love to be with people — especially
Choose a quaint and quiet restaurant where the two of you can get cozy.
you. Making decisions is not this person’s forte, so don’t ask what he or she wants to do for a special occasion. Instead, it’s best if you just go ahead plan something lovely. Your date will be deeply touched by your efforts. Below are the best options for nurturers.

Holiday gifts: Get sentimental, because these are the types that appreciate homemade cards and gifts that show just how much you care. Have someone make a necklace with her birth stone, or give him a journal in which you’ve written something loving on the first page to get things started. Anything with a personal touch makes a nurturer melt.

Birthday presents: Choose a quaint and quiet restaurant where the two of you can get cozy. The biggest gift you can give this personality type is a chance to feel closer to you — no lavish soirees required. A party of two suits the nurturer just fine; simply call ahead to have a single rose and/or his or her favorite dish waiting at the table when you arrive.

Romantic occasions: Poems and love letters are the winners here (yes, even with men). If you aren’t blessed with the gift of writing yourself, then copy some of the great love letters from an anthology, like Love Letters of Great Men, onto a scroll (or just give this person a special edition of the book if you’re pressed for time). A bouquet of favorite flowers specially arranged by you would also score points. If you’re headed for a proposal, forget Times Square — this type wants it sentimental and private! Carve “will you marry me?” into the sand with a heart around it, take a picture, and put the photo inside a card or your sweetie’s menu at dinner. Public displays of balloons and fireworks are taboo with this type, so keep it simple and quiet, please.

Personality Type #4: The analyst
This type is likely a man (or woman) of few words. A bit on the cautious side, this reserved type will also likely be a perfectionist, thrifty, a planner and a deep thinker. The best gift ideas for the analyst are explained below.

Holiday gifts: These personalities are gadget mavens — think: panini maker, a George Foreman grill, a tech toy or whatever claims the title of hottest new gizmo on the market. “They love gifts that keep them organized and efficient, things that will help their life to run as perfectly as possible. So think along those lines when selecting a gift for them,” says Tucker. “But don’t give them anything silly or funny, or they will look at it and think, ‘this person really does not understand me — I wish he or she would have noticed that I could use a new label-maker!’”

Birthday presents: Don’t even think of throwing this type a surprise party or you will find the analyst in tears or running out the door before the guests even finish yelling, “surprise!” These people are planners and want everything in their life to be organized and, well, planned. Let this person be involved in any ideas you might have for the event and choose a restaurant that you already know he or she likes.

Romantic occasions: Give your partner a gift basket filled with environmentally safe candles, some hand soap and antibacterial lotion (Bath and Body Works has several options). These personalities are germophobes and neat freaks by nature; they’ll appreciate the fact that you understand and considered those tendencies when choosing a nice gift. Bonus: pick a reusable basket or one that’s made from green or recycled products. You can also make a coupon book filled with services that you offer to provide (i.e., back massage, one dog washing, etc.) because, remember, the analyst likes things that make life more organized and efficient. If you’re heading towards a proposal, keep it private. Public displays of affection are not welcome here — your analyst might go into cardiac arrest! Also, script out exactly what you’re going to say in advance; if you fumble over your words, your intended will focus more on your syntax than the lovely sentiment you’re trying to share.

Kimberly Dawn Neumann ( is a New York City-based freelance writer whose work has appeared in Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Women’s Health, Marie Claire, Maxim and more. A frequent online contributor for’s Happen magazine, she’s also the author of The Real Reasons Men Commit as well as the founder of For the record, she loves presents and thinks she’s a nurturer/go-getter hybrid.
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