5 Otherworldly Ways To Meet Your Match

Looking for love in alternate spaces? Here, we offer five not-quite-of-this-world ways to kick up your love luck a notch.

By Kimberly Dawn Neumann

ometimes you just gotta believe! Dating is a process, and there is no question that even the hardiest of souls occasionally find themselves doubting they’ll ever meet their match, let alone their mate. But sometimes seeking a little otherworldly guidance and affirmation that The One is still out there — and looking for you, too — can help keep your dating spirits alive.

“Any kind of tool — meaning, divination, crystal balls, Tarot cards, etc. — should only be used with reverence and respect if you want to get
Her desperation led her to go to extreme metaphysical measures.
real answers,” says Judy Wicker, a well-reputed New York City Metaphysician/Spiritual Life Counselor. “If you seek spiritual accuracy, you have to have some knowledge of what you’re doing.” And if you don’t, then it would behoove you to find someone trustworthy with that gift to assist you.

With that in mind, we decided to confer with several experts specializing in alternative fields about healthy, supernatural ways daters can keep the faith while searching for love — because we think you deserve an out-of-this-world love life while your feet are still firmly planted on planet Earth.

1. Clear your psychic channels.
Remember when Charlotte visited psychic after psychic on Sex and the City trying to pinpoint the end of her single days? Her desperation led her to go to extreme metaphysical measures, which, coincidentally, is not the best way to proceed in this situation. “Getting a reading is like having unsafe sex or getting plastic surgery; you want to be very sure you know who you are sharing your energy with,” says celebrity psychic and healer Jusstine Kenzer, founder of “Get a referral from someone you know and trust who has had a positive experience. Anyone who is doing readings out of a shop with a neon sign is most likely not looking out for your highest and best interests. Rather, that person is out to get your money.”

Visiting a psychic may help your love life on many levels, but don’t go expecting someone to just give you all the answers. Psychics can often get a sense of whether you’ll be married or not, but the good ones are not likely to just blurt that information out. “I wouldn’t tell a woman, ‘You’re never going to get married’ even if I felt that to be the case,” says Wicker. “I might encourage her in other areas instead. If you’re looking for love, I’m not going to bang you over the head with what you want to hear, either. My job is to bridge those inroads so that your conduct for receiving love can shift in a positive way — you will become open to love without wasting so much conscious thought and worrying about it constantly.”

One way you can psychically move forward with your love life is to work on energetic clearing, which may feel a bit like a visualization exercise. “If you want to change your love life and change whom you are attracting (or not), get a reading with a psychic or healer who can actually help you release the unconscious beliefs and energies you have that you might not even know are holding you back,” says Kenzer. “People think that being harder on themselves is going to help them get what they want when that’s actually the opposite of how it works — only through loving yourself more will you be able to obtain that which you desire.”

2. Try stargazing.
Curious whether true love is written in your stars? Well, horoscopes can definitely serve as blueprints for your journey in this lifetime, but just because you read somewhere that Pisces and Scorpio make a good match, for example, don’t let that sway your relationship decisions, because there are many other astrological factors that come into play.

“We are complex beings and way more than just our Sun sign or rising sign indicates,” says Patrice Kamins, an evolutionary astrologer and founder of “While it’s a good place to start, personalized astrology reveals that one size does not fit all and there are myriad factors involved in matching two people.” In addition to positive links between two people’s astrology charts, one needs to look for relationship readiness and the presence of other overriding astrological input in other areas, like career or self-development. A professional astrology reading can help individuals gain clarity on behavioral issues and patterns of attraction.

Astrology can also indicate a person’s best times for finding love: “In having analyzed thousands of charts, I can pretty much pinpoint when the client’s former significant love relationships occurred and when the future ones will appear,” says Kamins. “That way, a person can chill out when it’s a fallow or less optimal period for love and then just go about life without constantly stressing about finding Mr. or Ms. Right during a not-so-great astrological cycle.”

Additionally, two people connecting causes a relationship chart to form, which further provides information on the purpose, ease and challenges inherent in their coupling. “As an evolutionary astrologer, I do believe we attract the individuals we need in order to process certain lessons or create certain experiences,” says Kamins, who adds that people often ask her about the roles of fate or free will. “The ‘bling’ of astrology is timing, and this is an element that is very critical in determining whether a relationship will survive or not.”

3. Look for help from your love angel.
“So many women and men are looking for love,” says Irish mystic Lorna Byrne, author of Angels in my Hair. “The irony is that the angels are always trying to connect people — they communicate through thoughts or gut feelings, they go into our minds and they even try to stop us from doing stupid things — but people don’t always know how to listen to their own angels.”

Byrne, who has been seeing angels walk amongst mortals since she was a child, says that everyone is assigned one “Guardian Angel” and that these Guardian Angels talk to each other. “They are always guiding
Bring into clarity what you’re seeking — write it down.
couples together… I see it all the time,” says Byrne, who recently noticed two Guardian Angels trying to get a couple to meet on the subway during on a trip to New York City. In that instance, unfortunately, they missed the connection. “Maybe they’ll get another chance, maybe they won’t, but I see these angels working hard to bring people together,” asserts Byrne.

The good news is that even skeptics can reap the benefits of these supernatural helpers’ good works. “Allow yourself to be aware of your own intuitive feelings and trust that Guardian Angels are around you,” says Byrne. Next time you get a strong urge to meet someone or say something, it could be these same angels guiding you in that direction. When this happens, Byrne suggests that instead of ignoring it, try to remember that there could be another force pushing you in the direction of a potential soul mate. Just that thought alone may give you new courage.

Another suggestion: In lieu of fretting about your single status, specifically ask your Guardian Angel to help guide you towards love. Byrne says that simply and sincerely saying, “Please let the angel of love in. I promise I will respond, and if I don’t, give me a sign so I know to react. If I can’t feel the angel of love, please keep the angel of love around me nonetheless. I’m asking the angel of love to open me to the idea of finding a great love.” Sometimes just knowing that you’re not out there alone — feeling, rather, that you have a little angel hovering close by, watching out for your best interest — can make the love-seeking process seem less daunting.

4. See if it’s in the cards.
Looking to stack the deck in your favor? Take a quick draw from a deck of Tarot or Oracle cards. Tarot or Oracle cards are simple tools used to help focus your energy. On that note, it’s a good idea to have definitive questions in mind before you shuffle. You can either have an experienced reader decipher the cards you’ve picked (this is a particularly good idea with the more advanced Tarot cards and decks), or you can spend some time yourself with more basic decks, like the Healing with the Fairies Oracle deck by Doreen Virtue (available at These decks can serve as inspiration pre-date, post-date, or anytime you need a little love lift.

The important thing to remember here is that it’s all about energy. “If you are thinking of going to a Tarot reader to ask about your love life, I’d be very prepared,” says Wicker. “Talk to the reader ahead of time so you can understand the vibrations you’re sharing with this person and go when you’re feeling more relaxed. You don’t want to have a Tarot reading on your lunch hour and have to race back to work to try and decipher what happened with your girlfriends or colleagues.” Wicker adds that, while places like can give you an orientation and understanding into Tarot, you have to remember that you lose the essential, vibration-related energy you’d get from an interpersonal reading and more familiar connection. “I’d bet that about 90% of the energy readings done online are erroneous,” says Wicker. “Emotional energy is based on feelings and intuition, and none of that gets through the computer.”

However, the Internet is not such a bad place to get educated about such readings. That way, when you do visit a skilled reader in person, you’ll have a better understanding of the different card placements and what they mean.

5. Practice positive affirmations.
When it comes to love, it pays to put exactly what you desire into the universe — daily. Positive affirmations form not only the basis of Rhonda Byrne’s best-selling book, The Secret, and other schools of thought pertaining to parallel planes of energy, they also provide a positive spin on the idea behind sowing what you reap. “If you can’t envision what you want, you won’t be able find it, either,” says Wicker. “Bring into clarity what you’re seeking — write it down. Repeat it.” In other words, thinking of all the traits you’re after in a relationship may be the first step to finding one that sticks.

Another tip: When practicing your affirmations, try sitting in the same place or chair each time. “Remember, you’re trying to affect the vibrational energy around you and this is better accomplished if you use a consistent space,” says Wicker, who also recommends burning a pink candle or possibly holding a piece of rose quartz to encourage love and tenderness to envelop you.

Need more help getting started? Try these love-welcoming affirmations:
  • “I love myself. I know I am walking towards the perfect person for me now and I know he/she is also walking towards me.”
  • “I know that this is the perfect companion and I know this is the perfect spiritual relationship for me.”
  • “Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful me…I love loving myself!” (Recite this while lightly tapping your sternum/heart chakra with your dominant hand to open any blocks to receiving love.)
The bottom line: It doesn’t matter what source you look to for inspiration as long as you are open to love finding its way in… whether on this energetic plane or another!

Kimberly Dawn Neumann ( is a New York City-based freelance writer whose work has appeared in Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Women’s Health, Marie Claire, Maxim and more. A frequent online contributor for’s Happen magazine, she’s also the author of The Real Reasons Men Commit and Sex Comes First as well as the founder of For the record, she totally believes in angels, fairy cards and soul mates.
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