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Love over 50: A zodiac guide

Love over 50: A zodiac guide

By Barrie Dolnick

Who says you mellow with age? In astrology, you embrace the good aspects of your sun sign even more strongly and can have even more amazing and satisfying relationships. Check out how your romance style evolves as you age, to make you an even happier and more successful dater than you were in your youth. (And of course, enjoy the rewards of being a savvy, seasoned single person.)

Aries: willing, game and sparky
Then: Trigger-happy. Dating was a competitive sport, a rush of enthusiasm that might result in romance. If not? Move on.

Now: Rambling, not rambunctious. Dating is an adventure. Enjoy the process, be brave, no need to rush. Getting results isn’t the point — it’s about fun.

Taurus: careful, loyal and cuddly
Then: Never in a rush, almost picky. When a good thing ended, you took an ice age to break up.

Now: Your tactile nature is highly magnetic. Taking your time adds to mystery and desire. Choose your moment, take your chances, and you’ll have no regrets.
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Gemini: flirty, fun and sociable
Then: A kid at the candy counter. Dating was like breathing — essential to life and almost as easy. You were out for a good time, not necessarily the real thing.

Now: Getting to know someone now requires more than one date. Your true curiosity and easy conversation are impossible to resist. Be yourself. No need to overdo it.

Cancer: cautious, bashful, but very sexy
Then: No short-term parking; you were looking for a real relationship. Your instincts drove you away from untrustworthy types. Face it, you were hard to get.

Now: Still no short-term parking, but now, you trust your instincts even more. When it’s right, you know it beyond a doubt. When it’s wrong, you just don’t bother.

Leo: sunny, assured, and spectacular-looking
Then: You played the starring role in romance. Romance, roses, and head-rushes were a must. Quiet, dull people need not apply.

Now: You’re willing to play both leading and supporting roles for love. You’re ready to rule romance with a full-on partner. Quiet no longer means dull.

Virgo: exacting, clever, and vividly vivacious
Then: A maze of prospects — is there anyone who’s right for you? Your ability, agility, and anxiety made you a perplexing romantic prospect. When you set your sights on someone, you wooed them without pressure.

Now: Amazing prospects! Your amusing, young-as-you-feel vibe is irresistible. It’s up to you to keep your calendar manageable!

Libra: smart, sweet and seriously interested
Then: Solo is a no-go. Relationships preferable to dating, dating preferable to being alone. You always had arm candy even if you didn’t find it so tasty.

Now: Alone is not lonely. You’re still a great date but less likely to freak if you have a night on your own. You can afford to be selective because you’re rarely without interest.

Scorpio: intense, private, and powerfully lusty
Then: Who knew what was going on with you? You played it quiet even if monsoons of passion were whirling inside you. Dating felt dangerous — like risky business.

Now: Your discretion is the sexiest thing about you. When you give people your time and focus, they have nowhere better to be. Share your wonderful self: Date more.

Sagittarius: adventurous, enthusiastic, and charmingly distracted
Then: Flirty and fab. You could keep your cool while dating three different people at a time. A decent attention span was never your strong point but you knew it was love when you made it to four weeks.

Now: An even more fabulous flirt. All that practice keeps you in play. You’re more selective now, and that flirt doesn’t come out for just anybody. But when it does, look out!

Capricorn: shy, calculating, and shockingly funny
Then: Being flirtatious was silly and not an option for you. Dating cautiously was as exciting as white bread... but it’s what you did.

Now: You’re more relaxed about dating; you want to have fun! A late bloomer, you’re just hitting your stride. Get out there and show off all you’ve got.

Aquarius: rearching, dreamy, insanely inventive
Then: The odder the partner, the better. Your love life was swimming against the current. Rebellious romantic behavior didn’t always pay off.

Now: Still eccentric, you’ve found your groove and are happy to share it. Dating is easy: The more you do it, the more interesting it gets.

Pisces: romantic, idealistic, a lover of love
Then: Fantasy counted more than romance. Spending time on “what could be” wasn’t exactly productive for your love life. Living in a fantasyland of what love should be like didn’t keep you warm at night.

Now: Romance counts more than fantasy. You’re able to bring your vision of bliss into real-world relationships. You’re hopeful, playful, and tender, but anchored in the real world. Aren’t your dates lucky?

Executive Mystic Barrie Dolnick helps people find love and abundance by understanding their stars and their karmic energy. She is the author of twelve books, including Simple Spells for Success and The Executive Mystic: Psychic Power Tools for Success. Find out more at barriedolnick.com.