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“My dating success secret”

“My dating success secret”

If you’ve been on a date (or few), chances are you’ve noticed that certain moves work like lucky charms, all but ensuring you two will have a great time and be up for meeting again (and again). Given that we love hearing about what you’ve learned during your romantic adventures, we asked you to reveal your secret success strategies... and were flooded with ingenious ideas. Here’s a few that men and women we interviewed said they swear by — try a few yourself (ignore the ones that don’t feel right) and who knows? Maybe one or two will become your best practices as well.

Build anticipation for that first kiss
“I never kiss a woman before the third date. The reason? It adds a little mystery to me, to keep her on her toes and wondering, ‘When is he gonna kiss me?’ Most guys are looking for ‘the approval sign’ from the moment the woman opens the door, and women have come to expect this. By holding out, I’ve found that it sets me apart from all of their other dates.”
— Stevegovols, Knoxville, TN

Dress to impress
“I always try to wear a skirt on the first date.”
— Bullock36, Washington, DC
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Keep things brief
“I make it a policy to not meet someone for more than one hour for the first time: lunch or a cup of coffee. I have done dinner, but not often. That way, neither of us is stuck if we aren’t clicking.”
— 11deadeye, Columbia, SC

Chivalry goes a long way
“I always open and close the car door for a date if I’m driving, and escort her arm-in-arm afterward. I like to show women that not every guy has forgotten how to show some old-school class.”
— AFourthStooge, Chicago, IL

Be mysterious
“My rule is to not give out too much information about myself on a first date. It leaves a little mystery and the guy wants to come back to find out exactly what I’m hiding.”
— Tainteddream5882, Kansas City, MO

Stick to your standards
“I have a three-strikes rule: if a guy misses three consecutive opportunities to do or say something gentlemanly, it’s over.”
— Joyella_sews, Baltimore, MD

Follow up after your date
“I always thank my date after we part with a nice thank-you email or phone call. I stick with it, since it shows that the get-together was not just some one-time event, but a connection or relating of two people, even if it doesn’t go further.”
— Anthony_Xmasbaby, New York, NY

Be coy with calling him first
“I do not call guys until we’re dating exclusively. I let the man take the initiative.”
— Amorales314, Memphis, TN

Keep mum on your dating past
“I never mention exes.”
— Karag780, Orlando, FL

Pay attention
“I always make sure that I listen to everything my date says very carefully. They’re always impressed when I remember details about our conversations.”
— Conrad4344

Take things slow
“I will usually never call the date the next day. I think you have to wait a day or two to build some anticipation.”
— DDColt047, Philadelphia, PA