Single On New Year’s Eve?

Don’t sit at home! Try these fun, new ways to celebrate in style, and you’ll welcome in a swell 2013.

By Christine M. Coppa

ingle on New Year’s Eve never looked better. Think about it: Would you rather push through a crowd of sweaty strangers just to find a spot on the dance floor? Spend a half hour to simply order a drink and another 10 minutes to get it? Forget that! Instead, put a little thought into the night and ring in 2013 with a real bang (and possibly a kiss). Here, five ideas to inspire you.

Throw a singles party
Do you ever wonder where all the other single people are? Wonder no more—they’re in your living room. Invite all your single friends and
It’s almost a new year, so why not break out the new you a few days early?
their single friends over to ring in 2013. Keep the mood light and fun with upbeat ’80s tunes and encourage a little impromptu karaoke. Flirty finger foods like hot wings and chocolate-covered berries are easy and fun. Create a signature cocktail for the evening. Mixologist Dan Fink says: “A Champagne cocktail is a tasty bet. Toss a sugar cube into a flute and flood the glass with Champagne or sparkling wine. Garnish with a slice of strawberry.” There will be plenty of singles with whom you can raise a toast.

Purge the past
Are you holding onto an ex, hoping for reconciliation or thinking that no one can compare? Whatever the case, it’s time to let go. Relationship expert Carla Sikes says: “The time is now. Box up the photos, movie stubs and stuffed animals of affection. Store them somewhere hard to get to, like the back (way back) of the closet.” This way, even if you are tempted to browse through the box, it will seem like a big hassle and will discourage you. Try a symbolic gesture, too. Light a candle, say something to the tune of: “I loved, and now I am letting go.” Blow the candle out. Now join your closest friends and family to ring in 2013 with the people worth concentrating on!

Go on a date
You’ve been making eyes at your neighbor for months. But when you finally muster up the courage to
Start the New Year right by making a difference in someone’s life.
ask this cutie out, you punk out and resort to something like: “Nice weather, huh?” Enough. It’s almost a new year, so why not break out the new you a few days early? Invite your crush to New Year’s Day brunch. Leave the romantic restaurant for next time and head to that kitschy diner or funky coffeehouse. Get to know one another over celebratory mimosas. Don’t be scared to go in for a belated New Year’s kiss.

Do good
Start the New Year right by making a difference in someone’s life. There are a million charities out there looking for contributions. Why not donate a tax-deductible buck to, say,, share that bridesmaid dress you’ll never wear again with or bake a batch of cookies for your elderly neighbors, even? For thousands of opportunities to volunteer globally or locally, go to and get busy helping others. It’ll feel great, and there’s the chance you’ll meet a like-minded single person if you donate your time to a group activity.

Host a movie marathon
Invite some friends over and bond with your support system over a girl-movie filmfest. Ladies, how about You’ve Got Mail, Singles, Pretty in Pink or the last season of Sex and the City? The idea is to savor the joys of being both single and coupled up with your best buddies. Spike the soda with rum and keep the popcorn coming; pajamas and slippers are encouraged. Men, you’ll probably want to skip the slumber-party trappings and the chick flicks. Instead, go straight to the gold standard of guy movies: The Godfather series… enjoy!

Try one of these ideas and see if it isn’t a fun, fresh way to spend the night. Or come up with your own special spin on the 31st—but whatever you do, no wallowing in loneliness while you’re home alone, got it? Good!

Christine M. Coppa is the author of the popular blog Storked! on Her first book, Rattled!: A Memoir is now available.
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