Easy Places To Meet Women

A comedienne offers some surprising hot spots for meeting someone super (and, yes, she’s very serious!)

By Jill Kushner

ou’ve gone to all of the right bars. You’ve gone to all of the right bars—a lot. In fact, if you go to one more right bar, you might just light that bar right on fire. Look, no matter how frustrated you are with being single, arson is never a good idea. But I understand—in your valiant efforts to put yourself out there, you can only hit so many girl bars and you can only watch The Secret so many times (I maxed out at three and am still waiting for that gaggle of hot girls to ring my doorbell and ask, “Who ordered the pizza?”).

So in the hopes of mixing it up and getting a little inspired, I asked people I
Jury duty is the ideal way to meet someone.
knew where they met their last date… that wasn’t at a bar. What I got was a list of places you probably haven’t thought of checking out (I know I hadn’t) but that happen to provide exceptionally easy backdrops for meeting someone new.

Hot Spot 1: Jury Duty
You’ve been called for jury duty. Normally one associates boredom with this civic duty and tries to avoid it like… well… like, jury duty. However, jury duty is the ideal way to meet someone. You spot a girl in the jury pool who you’re attracted to. Before you deal with approaching her, you’re provided with the most important information about her—when the judge goes through jury selection! The judge asks: her name, if she’s married/single, if she has kids, what she does for a living and where she lives. Judges are the best wingmen around! And, jury duty is like Vegas. What happens on jury duty stays on jury duty. You can’t talk about the case, so you have to talk about each other. Therefore the next time you get called for jury duty, don’t think about how to get out of it… think about what to wear when you go.

Hot Spot 2: Computer Stores
Follow the Wi-Fi to a sea of sexy, brainy women. There’s always one store in every city where all the young, hip, professional chicks shop for technology. Duck in and play around with the laptops, cameras, and MP3 players. It’s like an arcade of possibility. You’ll synch up with someone new in no time. If a cute girl’s drooling over the sleek new laptop, there’s your icebreaker.

Hot Spot 3: Getting Dressed
I want to preface this next suggestion by saying; I promise I’m not sleazy. One of the best places for us girls
Magazine stands provide a uniquely relaxed setting to start a conversation.
to meet other girls is in the dressing room. It’s not about checking out girls without clothes on. It’s about checking out girls with clothes on. Major bonding opportunity. Think about it. We’re intermittently at our best or our worst each time we walk out of that dressing room door in another pair of the 11 pairs of jeans we’ve taken to try on. We feel either hot and confident or fat and uncertain. So if you see someone you’re interested in, find something you look good in and ask her opinion. Or something you look ridiculous in and share a laugh with her. Then compliment her on one of her outfits. Above all, make sure you’re there when she finds that perfect pair of black skinny jeans. Then go get a drink together to celebrate!

Hot Spot 4: Magazine Stands
Magazine stands provide a uniquely relaxed setting to start a conversation. You’re walking into a pre-established comfort zone as you have an activity to do solo while being in close proximity to potential dates, without having to acknowledge each other right away. It buys you some time. Pay attention to her magazine selections to find out about her. Remember she might be shy or if you’re not sure what her deal is, start flipping through The Advocate or Curve. Maybe she’ll pick up an Out… or maybe she’ll pick you up.

Hot Spot 5: Spa Central
Forewarning, this one’s below the belt. A friend of mine met a girl while waiting to get a bikini wax. I made fun of her for a few minutes, but then I came to a realization. It’s a great place to meet someone! Reason being, I only want to meet the girls who are there. I don’t want to meet the girls who are not there. When you meet a woman there, you already know you share certain values. Because it’s one thing to rock retro clothing, but in my book your bikini line should never be a shout out to the 70s.

Yes, it can often feel like it’s impossible to meet someone. But if Keanu and Sandra can find each other two years apart at a lake house, you can find someone, too. And if on the off chance that my suggestions don’t produce the results you want… just go sit at a lake house and wait. I’m sure it will totally work out.

Jill Kushner is a two-time Emmy Award winner for the writing and producing that she did on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Jill regularly performs stand up comedy.
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