5 Signs Your Date Is Lying…

And 3 signs your sweetie is being totally honest. Here, expert advice on how you can tell the difference.

By Chelsea Kaplan

t’s 8:30 p.m., and your date is seriously late for your dinner date. When he finally arrives, he offers you a convoluted explanation of his whereabouts, during which he refuses to look you in the eyes and keeps rubbing his nose. Suspicious that he’s not being completely honest? You should be, says Greg Hartley, author of How to Spot a Liar: Why People Don’t Tell the Truth… and How You Can Catch Them. For hints on how you can discern the truth, consider the following signs as explained by Hartley, a decorated military interrogator who observes these signals to assess the honesty of enemy combatants. Remember, all’s fair in the game of war—and love.

5 signs your date’s hiding something…

1. This person raises his or her eyebrows
You suspect something’s up, and you’ve called her on it. She offers an
Remember, all’s fair in the game of war—and love.
explanation, ending with that, “You do believe me, don’t you?” look, with eyebrows raised. Hartley says this key body language piece indicates that your date is not being fully honest. He asks, “You know that phrase ‘lying eyes’? A lot of times, it’s more in the lying eyebrows, especially with women, so pay attention to them when she’s speaking to you.”

2. The pace of your date’s answers varies
Though your date may be offering flawless answers to your questions, what may actually give him away is the rate at which he delivers those answers. “Pay attention to inordinate time differences in his answering style,” Hartley suggests. If he rushes to answer when he usually pauses or pauses when he normally rushes, that’s a hint that something is up.”

3. Your date compliments you at an inappropriate time
Hartley says that a man often compliments a woman when he's trying to pull a fast one on her. “If in the middle of his explanation of his whereabouts, he comments on your dress or asks if you just got a haircut, be suspicious,” he says. “Guys who do so are trying to distract you and divert your attention away from their half-truths or other deceptions. Don’t fall for it.”

4. Your date plays with her hair
When a woman is being deceptive, her behavior will actually be quite similar to when she’s seducing you, explains Hartley. “When you think about it, the two actions are somewhat linked, even though they have different motivations behind them,” he says. Therefore, if you’re trying to assess your female date’s honesty, look for a sure sign of seduction: playing with her hair, a historic symbol of sexuality and attraction.

5. Your date wrings his hands
“If a guy is wringing his hands when he’s speaking to you, he may be lying,” Hartley notes. Why is this an indicator of dishonesty? Hand-wringing not only signals stress, an indicator of deception, but his putting his hands in between his body and yours creates a barrier, and a guy creating this kind of barrier is usually hiding something, explains Hartley.

…and 3 signs that your date is being completely truthful

1. Your date is calm, cool and collected
First, let’s assume your date hasn’t been exercising or rushing to meet you, nor is he or she one of those people who just naturally perspire a lot. OK, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, if your date breaks into a sweat while
“A guy who offers you a very detailed explanation is almost always lying.”
speaking to you, it could be a sign of stress—the stress of lying. “While dates — especially first dates — are generally stressful situations, if you’ve been together a while, there should be no reason your date should feel much stress and be sweating,” says Hartley, “unless, of course, there’s something that is giving him or her reason to be stressed and sweating.” Like the fact that this person just told you a whopper…

2. He sticks to just the facts, ma’am
Perhaps one of the most common indicators of a lie is a too-detailed explanation. “This is one of the easiest ones to spot, but strangely, one deception that women often fall for,” Hartley notes. Don’t be fooled by his incredible attention to detail or his ability to recount every step he’s taken, he cautions. “A guy who offers you a detailed explanation is almost always lying; in general, guys just don’t recall details—that’s more women’s territory,” he says. “If his story or alibi about where he was or why he was late is ‘too good,’ there’s probably a reason why: He crafted it himself.” If he gives you a simple, short, reasonable explanation, chances are he’s telling you the truth and sees no need to embellish it, Hartley says.

3. She keeps her head up straight
If your date is fibbing, she may look you in the eye, but she’ll almost always cock or tilt her head to one side, Hartley says. “This flirty behavior is both a sign of seduction and lying,” he notes. “With this body language, she’s probably trying to reel you in sexually so as to distract you from her lies,” he says. A woman who’s telling the truth, however, will look at you head-on, he says, with her neck and head as straight as an arrow. “A guy who offers you a detailed explanation is almost always lying.” Now that you know these clues, look for them to make sure you’re hanging out with the kind of honest person who is worthy of you and your time!

Chelsea Kaplan’s blog, “I’m Somebody’s Mother?” can be found at
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