Make Spring Your Love Season

Expert advice on how to help romance blossom in the warmer months ahead.

By Barrie Dolnick

ow many times have you innocently channel-surfed and half an hour later found yourself absorbed in a TMC film in which a hopeful 1960s overture leads into the story of young, madcap springtime romance? C’mon, admit it. There’s something inspiring about tulips, baby birds and soft breezes.

Spring is the proverbial time for love—and there’s a reason for that. Spring’s vibe has been celebrated and revered all the way back to our caveman ancestors. And if you haven’t
Remember: Dates are adventures, not interviews!
heard, spring has just arrived. So how can you hook up with the energy of spring and write your own love story? As the author of the best-seller Simple Spells for Love and eleven other books on love, success and happiness, let me tell you how.

Burst out of your routine
Use spring to restart your love life. The energy of spring is a renewing force. Shoots of plants burst through the ground. Blooms fan out all over, redecorating your neighborhood. You need to re-energize your love life by bursting out of routines and ruts.
  • Toss your old profile and let your closest friend write a new one for you. Be daring, flirty or alluring. Don’t be embarrassed, be romantic.
  • Toss your old underwear and replace it with hopefulness—you know what we mean!
  • Dates are adventures, not interviews. Explore uncharted territory. Try Moroccan food. Go rafting. Try taking in a foreign film, even though you’re usually strongly anti-subtitles. You never know…
  • Develop an allergy to bad attitudes. You’re a can-do, will-do all-around flirt.
  • Forget the half-full glass. Fill yours with optimism. You know you believe in love, and spring is here to prove you right. Remind yourself of this every day.
Resurrect your inner ingénue
Spring is associated with youthful love. Recapture some of that magic and let your heart lead you into fresh new romance.
  • Reclaim the giggles and remember your innocent crushes — just go out with your friends and let the stories roll — only no whining about anyone. There is no such thing as outgrowing romance.

  • Get in the mood for romance—rent some over-the-top chick flicks that show love at its rosiest. Open yourself up to crushes. Tell yourself that falling in love is good for you!

  • Carry orange blossoms in your bag. They bring good luck in love.
Make mating season into dating season
If you live in the country, you know that animals
Throw your own spring party to jump-start a romance.
virtually wake up from winter and begin a process of courtship that ends in going all the way. It’s the season for creating new life, literally. Now, no one is suggesting that you hop in the sack ASAP—just that this is one reason we’re all mad for love when spring breezes throw fragrant new floral scents under our previously frozen noses. We’re animals, too. So take steps towards finding love during this season.
  • Let yourself be set up. In fact, tell friends that you’d like to be set up. Explain what qualities you value and let them play a part in making love bloom.
  • Dating online? Then answer your email! Sure, you’re busy… but not too busy to check your inbox to see who’s contacted you. Even better, send some emails. You’ll dazzle yourself with your initiative—and just may meet someone terrific.
  • Set aside two nights a week for dating. If one isn’t booked, use it for surfing online and see if you can chat with someone who interests you.
  • Believe in love. Romance needs fertile ground to take root.
Create your own Prom
Remember “spring fling” or even plain old Prom? Festivals, celebrations and parties are a time-honored spring tradition harkening back to ancient times. You don’t need a date to enjoy the rockin’ good times of a spring party, but you’ll probably meet some fun new people.
  • Spring into parties with a positive attitude. Anything can happen: We’re all in good moods after a long, tough winter. Accept (almost) every single invitation you receive and get your rear into gear for a good time. You don’t need new clothes, just a new attitude.
  • Throw your own spring formal or Prom. Giving a party in spring is a surefire way to ignite your love life and your social activities for the season. Get some friends to join you in hosting a party, play prom music, serve punch and have fun. You can even give it a retro-theme—people let loose and act more spontaneously when you give them a chance to goof around. Make sure to invite a few dating prospects you’ve had your eye on, and insist your co-hosts do the same. Who knows, maybe you’ll be crowned Prom Royalty!
  • Create a spring bonfire. Why wait until summer to have a campfire and flicker the light of love? Gathering around a fire is one of simplest ways to conjure romance. Just find a safe place to let the flames roar, call up your friends and ask them to bring others. You never know, someone might bring out a guitar and start crooning for you.

Astro-coach Barrie Dolnick helps people find love and happiness by understanding their stars and their karmic energy. She is the author of twelve books, including Enlighten Up! and KarmaBabe.
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