Who's Sexy Over 50?

Boomers, check out this list of who’s hot! (Who says crushes are just for kids anyway?)

By Chelsea Kaplan

here’s no denying that young Hollywood stars like Angelina Jolie and Jake Gyllenhaal are attractive. But there are plenty of hot boomer stars out there, too, so why don’t we celebrate them?

When it comes to which celebrities get the hearts of singles over 50 racing, however, you might be surprised to find that a pretty face is rarely enough. For many boomer singles, it’s maturity, wisdom and even the bit of “salt” in with that “pepper” that make them swoon. Below, find some examples of the celebrities over 50 that the Boomer singles we interviewed find particularly appealing—and why:

The rugged wise man: Robert Redford
“You can have Brad Pitt any day! I like Robert Redford because he has this rugged, earthy sexiness that suggests a wisdom that no younger guys have. There's something awfully appealing about a mature man who you know has been around the block—and has the maturity and quiet confidence to show for it.”"
—Paula, 58, Highland Park, IL

The graceful ager: Candice Bergen
“I know she’s over 60 and to many people that’s over-the-hill, but I find Candice Bergen of Boston Legal to be one of the best-looking ladies around—even compared to today’s more youthful leading ladies. She’s aged so well and hasn’t resorted to all of that scary Botox stuff to keep herself ‘youthful’ looking. An older woman who gets all those injections in an attempt to look younger just looks even older to me. Candice seems like she feels comfortable with her looks regardless of her age, and that, to me, is sexy.”
—John, 60, Waltham, MA

The consistently sexy woman: Susan Sarandon
“Even though it was her 30-something performance in Bull Durham that originally attracted me to her, I think Susan Sarandon remains just as sexy as she ages. Perhaps it’s because she never lost that sexiness—she still has those slightly original yet beautiful looks (as opposed to the cookie-cutter Hollywood blonde thing), and she still picks sexy, sultry and/or gutsy roles. She seems like a sexy, confident woman in control who knows what she wants and who she is. I love that!”
—Richard, 63, Portland, OR

The political activist: Richard Gere
“I love that Richard Gere is not only a great-looking man—gosh, I love that salt and pepper hair, but that he also has strong political convictions that he speaks out about. So many young celebrities seem so vapid or their political ‘convictions’ seem orchestrated for publicity purposes. Richard Gere’s mind and heart are definitely in a genuine place; he is the real deal.”
—Elaine, 55, Lexington, KY

The self-sufficient woman: Oprah Winfrey
“In addition to her good looks, I find Oprah’s self-sufficiency really sexy. She’s made it on her own, and doesn’t need a man to rescue or complete her. A guy is just icing on her cake, she’s so independent. I find that incredibly attractive, and not threatening in the slightest.”
—Anthony, 61, New York, NY

The sexy bald guy: Ed Harris
“I guess there’s a certain stigma in Hollywood or elsewhere against men without a full head of hair, but I’ll take a sexy bald guy like Ed Harris any day! There’s just something really debonair to me about an older guy without hair. Ed Harris in The Truman Show just makes my heart melt, and I know it’s because I want to rub his head! Guys — don’t feel badly about losing your hair — embrace it, because some women love it!”
—Janice, 55, Madison, WI

The late-bloomer: Helen Mirren
“When Helen Mirren won her Oscar for The Queen, I thought she was the most attractive woman at the Oscars. She seems to truly appreciate all she has accomplished because she had to work for it, and that experience has made her that much wiser than the naughty celebrities splashed across the gossip pages. Gratitude, discretion and humility are remarkable traits in a woman, and Helen Mirren, like many older women, exudes them.”
—Paul, 59, Great Falls, VA

The mature funny man: Steve Martin
“There’s nothing sexier than a guy with a genuinely good sense of humor who doesn’t rely on putting down others or being gross to be funny. Steve Martin does better than any young comedian does—or probably ever will. Plus there’s something very elegant and gentlemanly about him when you see him on the talk shows… he’s not a wild and crazy goofball. He seems like a really smart, thoughtful — and undoubtedly handsome! — man.”
—Georgina, 59, Clifton, NJ

Chelsea Kaplan’s blog, “I’m Somebody’s Mother?” can be found at
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