“My Ex Helped Me Find Love Again!”

These divorced daters never imagined that their former spouses would play matchmaker and introduce them to new soul mates.

By Chelsea Kaplan

hile your ex didn’t turn out to be The One for you, sometimes he or she — directly or otherwise — helps you find your true love. Don’t believe us? Check out these stories of divorced singles who found love thanks to the person with whom they originally struck out in the love department. Who knows? Maybe these stories will convince you to stay open to meeting dates through someone from your past.

My ex, my wingman
“My ex and I parted on good terms and even remained friends after the split,
“My ex pointed out that a cute guy across the room was checking me out.”
meeting occasionally for dinner or a drink to catch up. One night when we were grabbing dinner, my ex noticed that a good-looking guy across the room kept looking at me, and he pointed it out to me. I blew it off, but he insisted that the guy was checking me out. When we finished dinner, he went over to the guy and said he couldn’t help noticing him, well, noticing me and told him I was a great lady and that he should come join us for a drink at the restaurant’s bar. So the three of us, thanks to my ex’s matchmaking, all got a drink together and hung out for another few hours. The man at the restaurant turned out to be amazing, and we made a date to go out after that. We’ve been seeing each other for about six months now!”
—Judy, 38, Pittsburgh, PA

Workin’ it
“I met my current girlfriend, Sadie, when she was working with my now ex-wife. I always thought she was cute, and I think my wife knew it because she’d always tease me about having a crush on her. After my wife and I separated, I asked Sadie out (I’ll admit it, it was more to make my wife jealous than anything else). As it turned out, we had a lot in common, and I found out she was much more than just a pretty face. My divorce is now final, and I am still dating Sadie, who has since found a new place of employment.”
—Larry, 36, Englewood, NJ

Friends… with benefits
“I always adored my ex’s best friend, Sam; he was always a really sweet, caring guy. I never considered him in a romantic way because I was always with my husband, but I always figured that he’d make a great husband for someone one day. After my ex and I got divorced, I remained friends with Sam, who was also divorced. I started to have feelings for him but never acted on them because of his relationship with my ex. One afternoon when my husband came to pick up our son from my house, he brought up Sam and said, ‘I know you always liked him—
“My former husband said, ‘You should go out with my friend Sam.’”
you should really go out with him. He’d probably be a better match for you than I ever was!’ Once he said that, I felt like it would be OK if I began dating him, so I did and have been for about a year now!”
—Celeste, 41, Chadds Ford, PA

Legal love
“My ex and I went through a really ugly divorce that involved a ton of legal action, most of which was created by my wife’s greediness. During the process, I’d call my lawyer nearly every day and spoke with her assistant Fran. I called so often that Fran and I eventually became friends. Once, just joking, I told Fran that she’d been so helpful to me that the least I should do is buy her dinner, to which she replied, ‘How about this Saturday?’ We went out and had a wonderful meal and great conversation; I was really into her. After my divorce was final we began dating seriously. So essentially, I have my wife to thank for finding love again!”
—John, 45, Seattle, WA

Sister act
“I became best friends with my now ex-husband’s sister during the course of my marriage, and our friendship was so strong it even survived the divorce. About five months after the divorce, my former sister-in-law called me and said she thought it was time for me to start dating again and that she had someone she wanted me to meet. It definitely was weird, but I figured I’d take a chance and trust her—after all, she was my best friend. Well, the guy she set me up with was awesome! He was really cute, totally fun—I had a great night with him. We dated for about two years and are now engaged. Of course, I have her to thank for the introduction. Even though it didn’t work out with my ex, my knowing his sister helped me fall in love again!”
—Kristin, 34, St. Louis, MO

Finders, keepers
“When my husband and I got divorced, he got to keep our apartment. I was upset about having to find a new place because looking for apartments in New York City is a nightmare, but what could I do? I guess my ex took pity on me, so he told me to call Michael, a real-estate agent he said had helped out a friend of his. I got to know Michael really well since we spent countless weekends together looking for a new place for me. Shortly after I moved in, Michael called and asked me if I wanted to go out for a drink. I agreed, and over drinks he confessed that he had always wanted to ask me out while he was helping me find a place, but that he didn’t because of our professional relationship. I had always sort of felt the same way about him, so I was really psyched when he made his move. We’ve been together about a year now and are even talking about moving in to a new apartment together!”
—Shoshanna, 33, New York, NY

Chelsea Kaplan is deputy editor at Her blog, “I’m Somebody’s Mother?” can be found at
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