Dating Baby Boomers

Quantity doesn’t necessarily mean quality in the dating game. Try these six great places to meet people.

By Marcia Jedd

ommon sense and recent research reveal that men and women seek a partner who shares the same social status, outlook toward family, wealth and other commonalities. You are discerning — older and wiser — so you tend to be a quick study in assessing whether or not your potential soul mate shares similar values. It’s just a matter of meeting that person.

So what’s missing? A quick assessment of the ways you meet people. Quantity doesn’t necessarily mean quality in the dating game. Having
Local fundraisers are an excellent way to meet someone…
too many outlets to meet people can be just as bad as not enough. Take a closer look at your habits and interests, then consider these six time-tested ways to meet that special someone:

1. Explore the ordinary.
Don’t shrug off the classic grocery store connection or other local places. Men tend to be tied to their routines more than women, who often view variety in their schedule as the spice of life. An early-evening weeknight visit to the local produce aisle might find a single creature of habit doing his weekly shopping. By the same token, a trip to the neighborhood laundromat or local video store could potentially bring you into contact with more than one eligible bachelor. Likewise, Thursday nights are often a popular night for a ladies’ or guys’ night out.

2. Attend a fund-raiser.
Local fund-raisers are an excellent way to meet someone, whether your certain someone is just there for the event or strongly supports a political candidate, wants to help children or feed the poor, among other worthwhile causes. Fund-raisers come in many forms: black-tie events, charity auctions or school carnivals. Volunteering at a charity event or nonprofit organization just may find you in good company.

3. Pursue your passion.
Strategize this: What makes you tick and lights your fire? Go there. When
Check out your local art galleries.
you are following your bliss, whether skydiving or listening to your favorite author, chances are the connections you make can be the kind where fireworks go off.

4. Appreciate art.
Investigate what your area offers for cultural events, and you just may find love among the French Impressionists or the offbeat works of an emerging local artist. If modern, fine or any old art is your bag, a number of metropolitan markets host events at art institutes and museums. Many of these events are geared toward singles and held on a monthly or seasonal basis. Check out your local art galleries.

5. Ask your friends.
Blind dates don’t have to be so blind when you narrow your criteria. What are your top two interests or must-have values? Put your specific call to action out to friends and family. Once you remind them of your key criteria, don’t rule out your married cousin’s coworker knowing a single motorcycle buff or your sister introducing you to the woman of your dreams.

6. Go online.
Zeroing in on age and common interests was never so easy. Online dating sites actually allow you to fine-tune your quest. Personal ads can actually take the guesswork out of discovering commonalties with your potential match. Try it for yourself.

Marcia Jedd is a freelance writer who frequently contributes to Happen.
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