Will You Two Stay Together?

Is that new romance the real deal? Find out if you’re both in it for the long haul with our astro guide to commitment.

By Barrie Dolnick

ou’ve met someone special and made it through a few dates. Inevitably, you’ll find yourself wondering if this is just a fling or the real thing. How can you tell you — and your sweetie — are in it for the long haul? Check out the clues your signs give when you’re really into someone.

Sign Him Her
Aries — You’re an independent and self-centered sign.You’re open to couples counseling. You’ll go shopping for furniture without complaining. You think of her first. You consider wearing pastel colors; you giggle; and you can lose a game and not want to kill him.
Taurus — You’re a cozy, loving and loyal mate.You’ll sit through a concert you hate but she’ll never know it. You’ll ignore your growling stomach. You’re open to change. You’ll put up with a lot of changes to your home. You’ll go for a run with him. You will let him have his way (sometimes).
Gemini — You’re a chatty sign with occasional relationship ADD.
You find yourself speechless—a lot. You’ll allow yourself to be lectured on a topic that holds no interest for you. You don’t flirt as much with other girls. You crave quiet moments with him. You don’t feel the need to answer your cellphone or check your email when you’re together.
Cancer — You’re a loyal, private, loving sign.You hang out with her friends even if you don’t like them. You don’t care that she doesn’t cook. You tell your mother about her. You keep testing him but he always makes it through the hoops. You smile in spite of yourself. You tell your mother about him.
Leo — You’re a romantic, flirty sign—but commitment is another story.
You don’t care how you look for anyone other than her. You sort of like slumming it with her. You think she’s a trophy. You forgive him when he doesn’t look his best. You cut down on your outside flirtations by 50%. You think he’s worthy of you.
Virgo — You can be a finicky, smarty-pants sign.It’s OK that she doesn’t clean well enough. You indulge in her junk-food fetish. You forget to work out. You don’t care whether he knows you have digestive difficulties. You think he’s cute when he’s being dense. You allow him to do things for you.
Libra — You’re a smart, love-seeking sign.
You can make up your mind quickly and without second-guessing. You buy her clothes instead of books. You talk about your girlfriend to anyone who’ll listen. You let him see you first thing in the morning before you put on makeup. You don’t care that he only reads magazines. You keep clearing out closets and drawers to make space for his things.
Scorpio — You’re a sign that craves intensity 24/7.You confess your fears, your desires—and you don’t back off. Watching cartoons and lazing on the couch is hot. You happily go to parties with her. Your craving for solitude diminishes when you’re with him. You aren’t shy about anything. You’re tired in a good way.
Sagittarius — You’re a sign that needs adventure in love. You find the way she folds her towels interesting. Staying home isn’t a prison sentence. You can communicate without words.You enjoy his favorite operas/extreme sports even though you hate them. You can learn from him. You can be quiet with him.
Capricorn — You’re a sign that prefers a by-the-book romance. You think her quirks are cute. You don’t get annoyed when she messes up. You tell your friends about her. You stop worrying (about anything) when you’re with him. You blush. You buy impulse underwear.
Aquarius — You’re a sign that fears predictability. You will put on a suit and tie for her. You allow her friends to discuss TV shows in front of you. Dinner with her parents is now your idea.You watch sports with him. You buy a suit or a navy blue dress for meeting his parents. Your posture improves.
Pisces — You are an incurably romantic sign.You actively look for chick flicks you can see together. You can show her your soft side. You want to defend her honor even if there’s no reason to. You resist your desire to smother him with love and let him take the lead. You don’t tell your friends because you have a hunch they’d be jealous. You’re not afraid.

Astro-coach Barrie Dolnick helps people find love and happiness by understanding their stars and their karmic energy. She is the author of twelve books, including Simple Spells for Success, now in paperback.
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