“Why I Can’t Resist Women Over 50”

Their self-confidence. Their sense of style. And other reasons men flip for women of a certain age.

By Chelsea Kaplan

hat is it about mature women that men find irresistible? Below, guys share their true feelings about what’s so hot about women over 50.

True confidence
“Women over 50 have a sense of self-confidence that younger ones do not. A certain sense of self-assuredness comes with age. To me, there’s nothing more
“Self-confidence comes with age, and that’s sexy.”
attractive than a woman who doesn’t let herself get overly consumed with trying to be someone she’s not, or feeling like she has to fit into some sort of mold for a man to accept her. Self-confidence is just incredibly sexy, and older women are much more likely to display it than younger women are.”
—Carl, 56, New York, NY

High-maintenance—in a hot way
“I know a lot of people think it’s bad that women often become preoccupied with their looks as they age. However, I actually think it’s not such a bad thing after all. A lot of younger girls run around looking like they just rolled out of bed, with dark circles under their eyes and their hair all messy. I’m not sure why they don’t seem to care, but it’s just unattractive to me. I love how older women really take care of themselves and genuinely want to look good. I love it when a woman has her hair and makeup done and puts on a pretty dress. To me, that’s sexy.”
—Barry, 59, Rochester, NY

Beyond babies
“I love that women at this age are focused on themselves and their relationships. They aren’t obsessed with meeting someone who will be willing to start a family with them in the way that women in their 20s or 30s are. I’m not interested in having kids at all, and honestly I am tired of meeting women whose primary goal is to meet a man who wants to procreate. It’s like: Aren’t you interested in me as a person? There’s something truly sexy about ‘sex’ being the focus of sex!”
—Jim, 42, Odessa, TX

Reading is fundamental
“I’m an avid reader, and nothing turns me on more than a woman who enjoys discussing books and even attending book readings as much as I do. Maybe
“I love how older women really take care of themselves.”
it’s just the pool of women I meet, but I find that older women are more likely to be well-read than a woman, say, in her 20s, and less apt to find magazines — especially celebrity-focused ones — engrossing the way younger women do.”
— Jay, 52, San Francisco, CA

The bedtime story
“Most likely, a woman over 50 knows her way around a bedroom—and a man’s body. I find that an older woman’s arsenal of tricks almost always far surpasses that of a woman half her age. I’d much rather share an evening under the covers with an older woman over one with a younger woman any day!”
—Sean, 36, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Not material girls
“Women who are older and have been in the workforce longer are usually a lot more financially secure than ones who are younger and just starting out their careers. Because of this, they usually aren’t so interested in what I bring to the table financially. As a result, their focus is more on who I am as a person. You wouldn’t believe how many younger women I meet are just interested in me because I drive a nice car. There’s nothing less attractive than a gold-digger, and in my experience, there just aren’t as many who are over the age of 50.”
—Richard, 57, Reston, VA

Culture vultures
“The women I’ve dated who are 50+ have been so worldly. They’ve introduced me to all kinds of wonderful things—how to pick a great wine, what there is to enjoy about opera, and things like that. I feel as if I have richer experiences with these women versus younger women… my senses have come alive. Now, that’s sexy!”
—Mark, 41, Quincy, MA

Chelsea Kaplan is deputy editor of www. and regularly appears as a guest on XM Radio’sBroad Minded. Her blog, I’m Somebody’s Mother? can be found at
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