Time To Go In For The Kiss?

Watch for these nonverbal clues, and your lips may never be lonely again!

By Jenna Glatzer

t’s your second date with a lovely lady, and things are going well. You’re dying to plant a big smoocheroo on her luscious lips, but you’re not sure whether or not to go for it. There’s that awkward few seconds where you have to decide: Does she want your lips brushing against yours as much as you do?

Women rarely carry flashing neon signs that say, “Kiss me, you
When you look at her, does she gaze back or look away?
fool!” Therefore, it’s a good idea to brush up on the body-language basics that will tell you whether she’d prefer a friendly hug or an intimate lip-lock. Ask yourself these seven questions:

Is she making excuses to touch you?
If she’s touched your arm, put her hand on your leg, playfully swatted you or rubbed your shoulders, that’s a great signal that she’s aching for some smooching action. If she’s touched your face (brushed your hair back, put her hand on your cheek), you can be twice as confident.

Do her eyes say it all?
Some women won’t get touchy-feely, but nearly all women use eye contact as a way to let men know they’re ready for a kiss. When you look at her, does she gaze back or look away? If she’s shy, she may not hold your eye-lock for long, but she’ll keep “testing.” If your eyes interlock and she smiles or says nothing for a moment, you’re on the right track. If she looks away and starts jabbering again, it’s probably best to back off. “If she looks down at her shoes, I’d say save the kiss for someone who’ll want it,” says Leslie.

Does her posture invite you closer?
If you’re sitting next to each other, which way are her legs tilting? Towards yours or away from yours? Where are her hands? Folded tightly in her lap or apart, open to the possibility of you holding them? The more
Biting her lips or running her finger across them is another nice giveaway.
“open” her posture, the better your odds. If her legs are close to yours, and her hands aren’t locked up tight, she may be sending you the sign that she’s ready to get closer. And watch her feet, too — if she’s letting her heel dangle out of her shoe, she’s flirting.

Is she getting fresh?
Here’s a test: Go off to the bathroom. When you come back, is there a mint in her mouth? Great sign that she’s preparing for a rendezvous with your smacker.

Is she wetting her lips?
That’s a subconscious way of preparing for a kiss. She probably won’t even realize she’s doing it — so you have to watch carefully. Biting her lips or running her finger across them is another nice giveaway.

Is she displaying open body language?
Crossed arms and legs signal disinterest, and if she leans back when you lean forward, you may want to put that pucker away for now. If she keeps her shoulders square to you and her feet pointed in your direction, those are both good signs.

How’s her spacing?
Experts say that if she’s within 18 inches of you, she’s in your intimate space (and vice versa). This zone is reserved for close friends and family, so if you’re able to break that barrier and not have her step back, it’s a sign that she’s comfortable with you.

Jenna Glatzer is a freelance writer who has contributed to Prevention, Women’s Health & Fitness and, among others.
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