Love Is In The Little Things

You’ve got the bigger compatibility issues out of the way. You’re on the same page about politics, the remote control, religion and how many kids you’ll have. But if you want to close the deal, you’re not done yet.

By Laura J. Schaefer

sk anyone fresh out of a long-term relationship: The little, nagging, annoying things can make a huge difference. So what should you look out for if you don’t want to get on her nerves? Start by leaving the seat down. Once you’ve mastered that one, move on to these other details:

Replace the roll
There’s nothing worse than facing an empty roll
Slow down and show how respectful you can be of other drivers.
of TP if you are a lady. You can’t blame a girl if she’s cranky with nary a square in sight. Take the 30 seconds to be a gentleman and replenish supplies regularly. “My fiancé was terrible about this,” Lisa relates, laughing. “And he had the nerve to tell me it was my fault because I was the one who let the roll get low. As if I’m supposed to anticipate whether he’s going to use 18 inches or 25 inches. Ewww!” Let your bathroom be always full of a bounteous, easily reached supply of toilet paper. On the dispenser, please.

Have cash
Writing check after check for small amounts all over town isn’t an efficient way to shop, take it from a woman who knows. There’s something masculine and solid about a guy who plunks down cash without having to ask what the date is or what restaurant he’s in. I guess it really is all about the benjamins. “It’s not that the checkbook sticking out of Steve’s pocket was a big deal, but I will admit I thought about hiding it once and replacing it with an ATM card,” Karen says.

Don’t drive her crazy
You aggressive drivers out there may think you’re really impressing us, but we’re motion sick from all the weaving. Slow down and show
Actually, there are very few activities involving tweezers that we want to see.
how respectful you can be of other drivers. “Gary drove with his foot exclusively on the gas pedal, as far as I could tell,” Katie said as she rolled her eyes. “And he couldn’t keep a constant speed; he just kept punching it. Finally I had to yell, ‘does this car have cruise?’ We didn’t go out again.” Drive with calm confidence. And ask someone for directions already or look at a map beforehand.

Walk this way
It’s a fact that with cute shoes on, we may walk a little bit slower than you’d like… but getting ahead puts you squarely behind. What do you think when you see a couple who is separated by six paces? True love? Lend your lady an elbow and let her set the pace. Oh, and compliment the shoes. “Dating is about getting to know each other, right?” Diane asks. “I couldn’t figure out how we were ever going to do that with David scurrying ahead of me. I’m still not sure why he was in such a hurry when we first met, but I’m happy to report that we’ve since found a common speed. I wear more sensible shoes and he makes an effort to slow down a bit.”

Close the door!
There’s some things that women don’t need to ever see—such as a man dealing with a unibrow with tweezers. Actually, there are very few activities involving tweezers that we want to see. Groom yourself in private; we want to think you’re as effortlessly gorgeous as we are. “I absolutely couldn’t believe it when Malcolm started clipping his toenails in my living room,” said Cheyenne. “I shrieked so loud in protest I think he thought I was being abducted. There is a reason the bathroom has a door on it.”

Laura J. Schaefer is a freelance writer who frequently contributes to Happen magazine.
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