Ways Women Deceive You

I’m as much for “girl power” as the next gal, and I don’t generally like to be catty or consider myself a snitch. But the fact is, women can be deceitful, and sometimes downright vindictive, when it comes to the opposite sex.

By Susan Fishman

’ve seen it in action, and I’ve heard plenty of stories. (The really sadistic ones like to brag.) It’s not pretty, and so somewhere deep inside, I feel a sense of duty to share the warning signs with you unsuspecting men. So take heed, and take cover. From what I can gather, there are four types of deceivers:

These are the women who, no offense, want you for only one of three things: a) you have money, b) you look good on her arm, c) she has nothing else to
But beware of the woman who’s willing to sacrifice her morals or integrity just to keep you happy.
do on Saturday night. If any one of these things changes, she’s out the door like Paris Hilton on laundry night. Be honest with yourself. Is she really interested in you—or what you can do for her?

Big Spenders
Have you noticed that she seems to wear a new outfit every day? Does she swap out furniture like CDs? If she doesn’t have a regular high-paying gig, either she’s hiding a big inheritance she received, selling drugs or racking up those credit cards. Whatever the reason for over-the-top spending, if the relationship is serious, she should be up front with you about where the money’s coming from. If it’s your money she’s spending, without your knowledge, she’s probably lying to you about more than just money.

Cover Uppers
When it comes to family, we all have something to hide, whether it’s Uncle Joe’s alcoholism or Aunt Lula’s two years in the slammer. But dysfunctional families can have a huge impact on a couple’s relationship, especially if you’re planning to have children together or if she spends a lot of time — and expects you to spend a lot of time — with her family. If you’ve been dating for six months to a year, and you still haven’t met her loved ones yet, you may want to find out what the big family “secret” is.

We all tend to be on our best behavior in the first few weeks of dating, feigning interest in the other’s job or hobbies, either out of pure politeness or just to have one more roll in the sack. But beware of the woman who’s willing to sacrifice her morals or integrity just to keep you happy. It does no one any good to have a left-wing liberal gritting her teeth through an NRA demonstration. Even if it is in the name of love.

Susan Fishman is a freelance writer who frequently contributes to Happen magazine.
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