Met Your Perfect Match?

If you’re wondering whether or not your relationship holds real promise, skim these sure signs that you’re heading in the right direction.

By Wendy Lyons

n your journey toward romance, you’ve been making new friends and acquaintances, coping with dating’s funny little mishaps and missteps. You’re putting yourself out there, trying to connect with that special someone who will reward your efforts with smiles, laughter, companionship and more.

The journey can be fun, but finding the right match takes time and effort. With all that work, no one wants to let a great one get away.
There are days when you have woken up humming Muskrat Love.
In our eagerness, sometimes we say “I love you” too casually and quickly. Speaking those words can make us feel better, but casual commentaries aren’t the best guide for judging a relationship’s true potential.

Sappy love songs
Those songs you used to hate have started to sound good. There are days when you have woken up humming Muskrat Love.

Taking it slow
There’s plenty of time to spend together, so no need in trying to hit a home run your first time up.

Fashion faux pas
Those green and purple plaid shorts would look hideous on anyone else, but on your beloved, they look kind of cute.

Meet the parents
On this whole planet, there’s no one you want to meet more than
Other dates that grumbled about your snoring were shown to the door.
your sweetheart’s paroled parents.

Game night
Suddenly you realize it’s been three months since you hung around playing Twister with your pals on a Friday night, and you haven’t even missed it.

Instead of resenting your honey’s sports obsession, you marvel at his or her understanding of working together as a team.

Sweet dreams
Other dates that grumbled about your snoring were shown to the door. When your sleep-deprived sweetie brings it up, you provide custom-fitted earplugs.

What’s the plan
After an evening’s plans go perplexingly off course, you have as much fun laughing about the calamities as you would have had at the intended event.

What’s for dinner
At a restaurant, when you’ve ordered something really delicious, you stop chowing down for a moment to select a premium morsel. Then you feed it to your sweetheart, so you can both share the enjoyment.

Lover’s shrine
A corner of your home has become a shrine full of mascots that commemorate this love. They might be unicorns, teddy bears or lighthouses, but whatever they are, the two of you are collecting them ad nauseam.

Wendy Lyons is a freelance writer who frequently contributes to Happen magazine.
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