6 Tips To De-Stress Valentine’s Day

Tired of all the stress Valentine’s Day brings? Try these 6 tips to help calm the commercialism!

By Wendy Lyons

nd you thought you’d said goodbye to holiday stress... Didn’t we just survive gladiator games in the mall parking lot and bag-jousting with irate shoppers? Haven’t we already been fattened like holiday turkeys and had our credit cards thrown to
It’s enough to make an innocent single want to curl up and hibernate.
the lions? Tipsy colleagues and prying relatives, eggnog and wishful mistletoe, and yet somehow — some way — we made it past the stroke of midnight on New Year’s day. Haven’t singles had enough holiday stress this winter?

Apparently not, because now it’s straight down the barrel of Valentine’s Day! Hearts and flowers everywhere you turn. It’s enough to make an innocent single want to curl up and hibernate. What to do?

Try some of my strategies for reducing Valentine’s Day stress:

1. Wear blinders.
I recommend you avoid malls, gift shops, catalogs and grocery stores at all costs; after all, you don’t need to be reminded of the most romantic holiday of the year. Get all your meals catered in, wear dark glasses and don’t make any stops on your way to and from work. Remove your work wear and put on something comfy; get in front of your computer and start searching.

2. Get reel.
Nothing lifts your spirits like a funny movie. Hop down to the corner and rent an old favorite or discover a new one.

3. Pump iron.
Why not make good on your resolution to visit the gym? Get in there and shed unwelcome holiday heft along with the blues. An aerobic workout releases almost as many mood-enhancing endorphins as chocolate. With the new life
Get in there and shed unwelcome holiday heft along with the blues.
in your step, confidence in your posture and sparkle in your eyes, you’ll make a great impression on dating prospects.

4. Soak and visualize.
After those visits to the gym, your sore muscles will be crying for a hot bath. Light a candle, turn on your favorite CD, enjoy the sensuality of soaking in warm water and visualize that February 14th is behind you.

5. Affirm yourself.
Ask friends and family members to describe three of your outstanding qualities. Who better than they to give honest praise? Remember to take careful notes so you can weave their comments into your online profile.

6. Be resourceful.
Make a wonderfully romantic card and, inside, hand-write the words “Love, Your Secret Admirer.” Then snail mail it to yourself. That way you’re sure to get at least one Valentine.

Wendy Lyons is a freelance writer.
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