Pros And Cons Of Office Dating

Here, some of the pros and cons of office dating!

By Marcy Barack

ou spend eight hours or more every weekday with each other. You see each other euphoric with success and blue with defeat. You share the same taste in music, make time together for a 10 o’clock caffeine fix from the local coffee shop, and argue over local politics. On the job is a perfect place to get to know another person well.

And when you get to know someone well, and like what you see, can romance be far behind? With the influx of women into the
A romance gone sour risks messy legal consequences.
workplace, it’s no wonder that interoffice romance is flourishing. Whether employers like it or not, people who are thrown together for 40 plus hours a week are likely to form emotional attachments that extend into their private lives.

Let’s take a look at the office romance balance sheet. What are the pros and cons of taking a colleague for a lover?

Pro: You see your lover every day. How delightful that you can spend so much time together, and get paid for it!
Con: You see your lover every day, bad hair days included. Even the closest couple sometimes needs time apart.

Pro: You share vital interests. You’ve always got something to talk about, even it it’s only tearing apart your supervisor.
Con: Too much shop talk. Do you have anything in common except work? Does the conversation dry up when work winds down?

Pro: A secret romance adds spice to life. You like to live dangerously and defying the company ban on fraternization gives you a thrill.
Con: Keeping a secret is difficult and sneaky. Is that the kind of
You’ll gain new enthusiasm for your job.
person you want to be? Besides, even if you think you’re hiding your affair, everyone probably knows all about it.

Pro: You’ve got an office ally. When you need backup in the Byzantine world of office politics, you’ve got someone you can rely on.
Con: Resentment from co-workers. The moment the two of you form a couple, it becomes you against everyone else in your department. Favoritism could lead to discharge, transfer or legal action.

Pro: Love is energizing. You’ll gain new enthusiasm for your job. You don’t want to miss a day with your honey, and you want to make him or her proud of you by doing your very best at work.
Con: Love is exhausting. You spend so much energy on the emotional roller coaster of the relationship, that you don’t have the time, strength or inclination to mind the store.

Pro: Lovers at different levels gain workplace leverage. The supervisor has a direct line into staff attitudes. The subordinate has unprecedented entrée into the upper echelon.
Con: A romance gone sour risks messy legal consequences. In retrospect, a mutual romance between a supervisor and subordinate could be characterized as sexual harassment.

Pro: If the company prospers, so do you both. Buy a yacht.
Con: If the company tanks, you’re both on the street looking for work. Might as well move in together to save some money. Are you ready to look for love outside the office? Try an online search and find quality singles in your area.

Marcy Barack is a freelance writer who contributes to Happen magazine.
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