8 Tips - Get More Responses

Not getting as many email replies as you expected? We have eight hot tips to increase your reply rate!

By Linda Rains

It’s simple: Reply to every message you receive. Yes, every one—even if you simply say, “Thanks, but no thanks.” Acknowledging someone’s interest and effort by letting them know you received their message is common courtesy.

Sometimes, though, you email someone, but don’t receive a reply.

While there is no good excuse for this behavior, people do have their reasons: Maybe they get too many emails, maybe they have personal requirements about which profiles they respond to, maybe they thought your message lacked personality, or maybe... Well, who has time for maybes?

Improve your reply rate
Does your profile attract or fall flat? These eight basic steps can help your profile stand out from the rest, get you more clicks, and make your first impression your best impression.

  1. Always post a photo
    Many members like to “see” who’s making contact. It’s true that looks aren’t everything, but appearance is part of the package. Some find it difficult to correspond without a photo up front. If you have strict rules about posting your photo, fine, but be sure to attach an electronic image early in your email correspondence. Did you know that profiles with photos get more attention? Go ahead: Update your profile today!

  2. Choose your words carefully
    The words you choose in your first contact can be crucial. Never send a blank message with only a link to your profile. Tell him or her why you decided to write, what caught your eye, why this time it’s special.

  3. Read between the lines
    What people write about themselves is key to understanding their personality. Mentioning something you read in their profile is flattering and can earn you big brownie points. Skip reading the profile, and your would-be match will sense your lack of attention to detail.

  4. Perfect your profile
    Review how you described yourself in your own profile. Have you provided enough information about yourself? Do your words offer a glimpse into your personality—be it your charm, humor or style? No? Don’t delay: Check our helpful writing tips now!

  5. Improve your image
    Does the photo in your profile present the real you? Did you scan your driver’s license? Are you dressed in grubs? Is your photo off-center, out of focus or so small that other members really can’t see you? Even online, it’s all about first impression. So smile big and post a nicely lit photo of yourself. If you don’t have an electronic photo, that’s no excuse; offers free scanning!

  6. Make sure you’re a match
    Don’t ignore the About My Match section of a profile. If you fall outside a member’s requirements (age, family, education, etc.), you may not get a reply.

  7. Make each message special
    Generic, form-letter or “canned” emails stand out—and not in a good way. What is a canned email? A paragraph or two of text (typically about the sender only) copied, pasted and delivered to member after member after member… When searching for a match, always be personal and craft your message to the individual.

  8. Ask and you shall receive
    Finally, close your anonymous message by specifically requesting a response. Thank the reader for his or her time and explain that you’d like to hear back—whether or not there’s chemistry. Often the simple fear of rejection stops someone from responding; let them know your world won’t end without them, and they’ll feel better about sending a reply.

Linda Rains is a freelance writer who frequently contributes to and Happen magazine.
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