6 Tips For Romantic Travel

Planning a trip? Learn how to make it romantic!

By Tom Milnes

ule #1 of frequent travelers and Casanovas alike is to make the most of a bad situation. So if a creative expense report can ease your pain over an endless business dinner, and an upgrade to first-class can calm your rage over a layover from hell, just think what a little romance can do for your jet-lagged love life.

Although it definitely takes more than a splash or two of Old Spice to fire up some romance when living out of a carry-on, you would be surprised at just how easy it can be for single people to find a date on the road.

Technology is your friend.
Plan your trip in advance; be bold and start creating a network of possible love connections in your destination cities. Exchange information in advance to give you a head start if you decide to spend some time together on your next trip.

Nothing kills an evening faster then not knowing where to start it.
When in Rome do as the Romans do.
If you plan on prowling away from home but don’t have a date set up, take a little time to research the local hotspots. Concentrate your search on clubs and shows where the unattached tend to congregate and cast your net wide. Remember, nothing kills an evening faster then not knowing where to start it, so the wider your knowledge of a town, the more possibilities you will have when you get there.

Play hard, but play safe.
No matter how good of a time you are expecting to have, when in unfamiliar territory it is best to be prepared for an early exit. Before going out, make sure you have a cell phone, the numbers to the local cab companies and some emergency cash. You may never need them, but play it safe.

Lose control.
Once you have secured a date, do yourself a favor and put yourself in his or her hands. Odds are that a native will know more about the city than you. Sit back and enjoy the ride.
On the road time is both friend and enemy, so enjoy your time.

Drop your expectations.
On the road time is both friend and enemy; so whether good or bad just let a date happen. Enjoy your time in a new city and appreciate the date for the lessons you learn from it.

Don’t monopolize the conversation.
Bad first impressions can prove fatal. Avoid dominating the conversation or seeming uninterested in your date’s opinions; this behavior can make you come across as self-centered, shallow or even obsessive. As with any date, the best topics are light, fun, varied and most importantly, mutually interesting.

Tom Milnes is a freelance writer who often covers dating topics.
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