Tips To Ensure Your Valentine’s Day Success

What are you waiting for? Valentine’s Day is mere days away and quality singles await!

By Linda Rains

alentine’s Day, a time intended for couples celebrating love with sparkly gifts and gooey cards overdressed in flowers, lace and pink hearts. I’ll stop short of blaming the card industry for this holiday because I am aware of St. Valentine and his undying desire to wed couples—even while in jail. But that’s another story...

Instead I focus on my fellow single set—those of us who are often ignored on this day and left with little love outside of a standing date with Ben & Jerry. Whether seeking affection or not, there are
I’ll stop short of blaming the card industry for this holiday.
certain steps available to make Valentine’s Day more palatable, if not pleasurable. You’ve got a few days left; take a read and do your part to invent a not-so-solo Valentine’s Day.

1. Don’t get desperate.
Because it’s okay to be single, if not applauded. They may not admit it, but every other day of the year, you are the envy of nearly every kid-clad couple strapped to a minivan, stuck with Spaghetti-O suppers and restricted to only the occasional night of freedom. So embrace and enjoy your singlehood while you’ve got it. Odds are that it won’t last, and one day soon you’ll look upon the single set with envy, too.

2. Get your smooth self busy.
And that starts with posting your profile online. The good news is that profiles are free, and if you post your photo right away, you may receive emails from other singles within 48 to 72 hours. Sound too good to be true? Try it!

3. Dump the rules.
You like someone, that someone likes you back. But because you’re in the early days of the relationship, neither of you has a clue, and you certainly don’t intend to let on
When someone new catches your eye, contact them right away.
first. That's the attitude you must lose if you intend to meet offline by Valentine’s Day. Send a flirty email, suggest a phone call or perhaps an in-person meeting. Just let them know you’re interested, and you may be on the way to couplehood.

4. Stay on top of your matches.
When you posted your profile, you received a list of your best matches. Take a few minutes to scan through your most recent matches, and when someone new catches your eye, contact them right away!

5. Browse new areas.
Love knows no boundaries. Try a search (or two or three) in different parts of town, the state, country or even the world. Perhaps you’ll find a potential date just outside your specified area. Maybe they’ll appear a thousand miles away. Who cares… as long as you’ve got someone to swap cards with on February 14th?

6. Finally, take control.
Really, this is the most important step, because when searching for love, you can’t waste time and you can’t sit back and wait. You’ll enjoy the freedom to contact anyone who catches your eye. Anyone. That cute guy you’ve been eyeing for months or that new gal who just appeared yesterday. Good luck!

Linda Rains is a freelance writer.
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