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Ever wonder what it’s like to date a model or a masseuse or other very desirable female? Find out the whole truth here…

By Dan Bova

hen it comes to fantasy women, guys aren’t the most original. For generations, most men have imagined smokin’ hot bikini models in magazines drooling right back at us or a pretty masseuse who offers up backrubs 24/7. While most guys accept that these are unattainable fantasies, some are able to make them realities. We asked the latter group of lucky fellas if dating these dream lovers lived up to their great expectations. Read on to learn what it’s really and truly like to date one of these women.

Dream date #1: Flight attendant
“I met Liv on a flight from New York to Atlanta. I stood around the jump seat area under the pretense of stretching my legs (flight attendants get totally hot for guys who know
“The flirting kept escalating, and my boss and I wound up at her apartment.”
how to combat deep vein thrombosis, right?) and asked her about a book she was reading. I thought that it would be fantastic to brag that I was dating a flight attendant. It has a sexy, glamorous quality, plus I figured there would be tons of free trips and unexpected getaways to exotic locales. Every guy I ever told, ‘I’m dating a flight attendant’ got a faraway look in his eye and just nodded his head to silently say, ‘Good man, good man.’ The bragging rights totally exceeded my expectations, but the getaways turned out to be kind of a pain. You get to fly for free basically, but you never know when or if you can get back from where you came. Another downside was that she was flying the B-list routes to none-too-scenic small towns all over the interior of the country and dealing with irate passengers all day long, so she wasn’t usually in the best of moods when we got to spend time together. But still, she was gorgeous. And in the time we dated, I never got more high-fives from other dudes in my life.”
—Wayne, 28 Atlanta, GA

Dream date #2: Massage therapist
“The first time I went out with this woman, she told me she was a massage therapist, and I admit I thought it was hot. I figured that she’d be in shape, comfortable with her body, somewhat health-conscious and down-to-earth—and would be giving me killer massages all of the time. I got the first parts right, but she came home physically tired, and I ended up massaging her more often than the other way around. I guess if you’re dating a dentist, the last thing she wants to do at the end of the day is help you floss. There’s some old Seinfeld episode about dating a massage therapist, and I heard about it all the time from my friends. I still haven’t seen it, but the message was kind of the same—you aren’t going to get a lot of free massages. The nights where she did surprise me with her magic hands—omigod, it was beyond awesome.”
—Edgar, 35, Tampa, FL

Dream date #3: Bartender
“I spotted Jessica at my local bar in downtown New York. I thought dating a bartender would mean a lot of late nights at the bar getting free drinks, leaving a sleeping woman in my bed when I left for work and lots of parties with her bar friends at 3 AM. And that’s pretty much what it was like. She took me to all of these after-hours parties and had all of these great stories about crazy customers getting in fights or passing out while they were in the middle of hitting on her. It was wild. It was like living a rock-star life. Free drinks and sex at 4 o’clock in the morning… it was pretty great, actually.”
—Hugh, 30, New York City

Dream date #4: Model
“It’s easy to think that models are stuck-up, but my girlfriend is nothing like that. She’s cool and down-to-earth and doesn’t ft any of those stereotypes. Her job
I’ve put on about 10 pounds since we’ve been together!
hasn’t put any strain on our relationship at all. I mean, you have to understand exactly what being a model entails, which is your girlfriend doing photo shoots with tons of different photographers and getting all sexy in front of the camera. If you’re the jealous type, don’t date a model. You have to trust that even though all of these guys are hitting on her at shoots or in bars, she wouldn’t cheat on you. You can’t get jealous because people are falling over themselves for her, and you can’t get cocky either because you’re dating a gorgeous woman. Honestly, beautiful as she is, the best part of our relationship is that we make each other laugh and are best friends.”
—Andrew, 23, Cleveland, Ohio

Dream date #5: Chef
“When I met Dee, she was just finishing up culinary school. It was great because I got to eat her homework! Now that she’s a professional chef and on her feet 15 hours a day, I feel bad having her cook for me, but I couldn’t keep her out of the kitchen if I tried. She makes the most insanely delicious food I’ve ever had in my life. Like she can make Mac ‘n’ Cheese that’ll blow your socks off! But she also always surprises me by making super-fancy dishes like duck just because it looked good at the market that day. She puts so much love into her dishes, you feel like you’re being taken care of. It’s really sweet. The only problem is that I’ve put on about 10 pounds since we’ve been together!”
—John, 38, Los Angeles

Dream date #6: The boss
“My boss and I used to innocently flirt a lot at after work get-togethers. The flirting kept escalating, and one night, we wound up slipping out the back door and hooking up at her apartment. The first time I woke up next to her, I kind of freaked. I was like, ‘I’d better go get coffee and the paper and be Super-Guy or else she’ll fire me!’ It took a couple of dates before I could shake the ‘She’s your boss!’ voice screaming in my head. It was very nerve-wracking always wondering if our co-workers had figured it out. I became paranoid. I’d be thinking, ‘Why did so-and-so ask me where I went this weekend? Did they see us together?!’ And I was in this weird in-between world where I’d hear my co-workers bitch about their workloads at lunch, and later, hear her bitch about how some of my co-workers were slackers. But there were some pretty cool perks, though. Besides getting to see and work with someone I loved every day, she told me when it was a good time to ask for a raise!”
—Joe, 27, Stamford, CT

Dream date #7: Sex writer
“When I met Julie and found out she was a sex writer, of course I thought she would be wild in bed! And over the years, that has turned out to be pretty true. It’s exciting to be surprised by her creativity—I never know what she’ll do next. Sometimes she opens the closet and pulls out costumes, sometimes she brings in some interesting food items from the kitchen. There is never a dull moment. Needless to say, I love it when she is working on a new story or book! Being with a sex writer is all I dreamed it would be—and more.”
—Jay, 41, Glendale, CA

Dan Bova is editor-in-chief of Stuff magazine.

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