Astro Love - How To Fight Right

Our expert’s sign by sign guide on how to argue with your sweetie…while keeping the stars on your side.

By Barrie Dolnick

nce in a while even the most perfect couple will find themselves in a thick disagreement about something as trivial as the best ice-cream brand or a topic as large and important as global warming. What can you do when whatever you say just bounces back to you with hostility? Use the stars, my friend. Take a good look at your partner through the lens of the cosmos and understand what he or she needs to come over to your side. Not everyone argues the same way, and your tactics can — and should — be adjusted for your audience. Now, let me tell you how.

Sign Characteristics What Works to WinWhat Doesn’t
Aries: Men
Confrontational, like to argue for sport
• Being resilient

• Quoting (correctly) a WWII or Civil War officer

• Giving it your all

• Sensitivity of any kind

• Personal attacks

• Bringing your father into it

Aries: Women

At ease in combat but prefers passion play

• Smart gestures to emphasize points

• Agreeable stalemate

• Invading personal space to convert anger to passion

• Compliments as a ploy

• Passive-aggressiveness

• Booze

Taurus: Men

Internal combustion before external explosion

• Seeing it coming

• Making a cake from scratch to change the mood

• Comparing the situation to a sitcom you both like

• Matching hysterics

• Ignoring his feelings

• When he knows that you’ve talked to your mother, or worse, his

Taurus: Women

Tolerant until it hurts even you

• Proactive nurturing

• Insisting on going out for dinner

• Watching Beaches together

• Baiting her to get angry

• Staying away until she settles down

• Sarcasm, no matter how smart you think you are

Gemini: Men

Not attentive enough to remember why they’re angry but argue anyway

• Logic

• Distracting him with TV political pundits or talk radio

• Red wine, a good argument (about anything) and making up

• Attempting to persuade without smarts

• A hug

Gemini: Women

Likes to argue when there are hair-tossing opportunities

• Witty responses

• Getting a real rise out of you

• Assurances that you’re both smart and once in a while someone has to be wrong

• Humoring her with fake understanding

• Devil’s advocates of any kind

• Stalking

Cancer: Men

Sidles out of the room if there’s a hint of disagreement

• Lots of space

• Quiet, calm statements

• Reassurance of love, loyalty and home-cooked meals

• Direct assaults

• Emotional blackmail (although he’ll try to use it)

• Getting other people to pitch your cause

Cancer: Women

Don’t-even think-of-messing-with-me vibes underneath lamb’s clothing

• Backing off

• Shifting the mood with a soothing touch

• A crisp Pinot Grigio to gently make your case

• Threats

• Shouting

• Pulling God into it

Leo: Men

Good-humored in battles, a generous winner and ill-tempered loser

• Appeals to his sense of duty as a natural leader

• Offering face-saving ways to give in

• Candlelight, vintage wine and a long talk about his success

• Dirty tricks and double crosses

• Anything that looks like disrespect

• Telling him he’s being selfish

Leo: Women

Not interested in conflict unless there’s Truth involved

• Manly, dignified arguments that invoke honor

• Large and luscious jewelry

• Reminding her that petty things are beneath her

• Laying down the law.

• Peevishness or pestering

• Explaining that your side saves money

Virgo: Men

Prone to being right or sounding right through exhaustive knowledge

• Be smarter and hopefully funnier

• Base your argument on your concern for his health

• Convey that winning the argument would be very meaningful and special to you

• Brute force

• Any kind of shouting especially with expletives

• Trying to wear him down with sheer repetition

Virgo: Women

Strong debater but avoids all-out combat

• Easing the opposition and starting from a place you can agree on

• Put the argument on hold, send her for a massage, then resume

• Agree to go on a diet

• Saying “Relax, it’s all good”

• Cutting off her sentences

• Flipping the bird or any other vulgarity

Libra: Men

Hates conflict but will take a stand when pushed

• Avoiding the subject and doing what you want anyway

• Calm, sensible, low-key conversations

• Explaining how your point of view is classically upheld in great literature and hoping you don’t have to back it up

• Arguing for sport

• Raising your voice

• Tell him he’s a wuss or any other name-calling

Libra: Women

Will avoid fights unless she knows she can win

• Prey on her vanity and hope she doesn’t realize it

• Quote someone she admires

• Avoid fighting at all costs

• Picking, pushing, cajoling, and whining

• Insults to her looks or intelligence

• Pretending you don’t care

Scorpio: Men

Deep, dark and ruthless combatants

• Avoid getting to a boiling point

• Respect

• Selling your viewpoint to him with extra benefits

• Any insult to his manhood

• Being ethical, scrupulous and expecting the same in return

• Ultimatums unless you mean it

Scorpio: Women

If you win, you might not see them again

• Appeal for leniency and forgiveness even if you don’t feel the situation merits it

• Reassurance of your respect and love

• Machismo without the smarm

• Shunning their feelings

• Pulling out something from the past to leverage your cause (because she’ll be able to out-do you)

• “You’re cute when you’re angry”

Sagittarius: Men

Swift, energetic confrontations that usually don’t mean much

• Informed retorts with a smile

• Comparing your argument to wrestling with vicious animals

• Down-playing how important it is to you

• Ignoring the problem

• Taking a cell-phone call

• Telling him he doesn’t know what he’s talking about

Sagittarius: Women

Agile conflict-deflectors but will roar when pushed too far

• Diversions that involve movies, museums or explorations

• Really sound logic delivered with pulpit-style persuasion

• Letting her shout it out

• Manipulation

• Pecking the subject to death

• Dramatic, illogical arguments that attempt to invoke the spirit of Jack Nicholson (or other devilish movie star) in order to win with charm

Capricorn: Men

Passive to the point of withdrawal and then go in for the kill

• An argument that makes him look better

• A good P&L

• A gentlemanly atmosphere--like a roaring fire, single-malt scotch and leather chairs

• Sloppy vulgarity or Bubba-like muscle

• Losing control and letting him see it

• Talking to his friends behind his back to get them to back you up

Capricorn: Women

Wide-eyed, stoic, but play-for-keeps when it counts

• Treating her like the equal she is

• A sound compromise in which she gains something, preferably financial advantage

• Upholding values and playing on that virtue

• Cheating or shortcuts of any kind

• Pulling rank, assuming a fatherly persona, or anything patronizing

• Begging

Aquarius: Men

Slow, torturous consideration--a close twin of passive-aggressive.

• Just doing what you want without his agreement

• Willingness to lose

• Appeals to the general humanity and greater good of your side

• Direct assaults

• Trying to get a rise out of him

• Flip charts, PowerPoint presentations or anything else that smacks of The Establishment

Aquarius: Women

Either contrary to the point of near death…or easily convinced – you won’t know until you try

• Explaining how your way is totally original and hers is so over

• Letting her come around in her own time

• Red wine, good music, and a long evening

• Saying “everyone else agrees”

• Being certain you’re right

• Underestimating her in any way

Pisces: Men

Lilting arguments that preferably end in bed with a hangover

• Passion

• Subtle appeals to his sense of survival

• A careful cocktail of love, liquor and lust

• Ugliness

• Threats

• Anything with mundane details or dreary facts

Pisces: Women

Engaging and energetic until she becomes The Freezer

• Being soft, sensible and consistent

• Bringing love and a nice bottle of wine into it

• Having a sense of humor

• Do or Die insistence

• Throwing down a sword, gauntlet or other manly gestures that make her roll her eyes

• Ugliness in word or deed

Astro-coach Barrie Dolnick helps people find love and happiness by understanding their stars and their karmic energy. She is the author of twelve books including Simple Spells for Success, now in paperback.
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